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The College of Physicians of Quebec is calling for a “reconsideration” of its cuts

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Pressure is mounting on the Legault government to implement new restrictions. After several experts, it is CMQ’s turn to ask Quebec to reconsider recent cuts in health measures, given the growth in variables.

Henri Owlet VizinaHenri Owlet Vizina

“account [tenu] Regarding the recent development of the epidemic, CMQ is asking the government to reconsider reducing health measures, taking into account the warning signs and the opinion of many experts, “the organization said in a published tweet early Saturday morning.

In the prime minister’s office, we remain wary for now. “We will make an assessment on Tuesday.” Mr. Legault said it yesterday [vendredi] When called to respond, his press secretary, Ewan Sofis, simply replied, refusing to come forward for the time being.

On Friday, Francois Legault realized that we were seeing “the beginning of a third wave”, indicating that there would be “an increase in cases and hospitalizations in the coming days”. For now, the situation is still under control. “We do not change the announced procedures, whether it is the opening of 3-4-5 secondary schools in the red zone or other measures such as the theaters that will be opened,” he said.

However, the prime minister says he will not rule anything out if the situation worsens. We will follow what happens over the next few days. Like every Tuesday, we’ll make the necessary decisions. I take this opportunity to ask all Quebecers to exercise caution. He also said the substitute is highly contagious.

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Mr Legault was responding to new models from the National Institute of Public Health (INSPQ), which warned Friday that key variants will account for more than 50% of new cases by early April in Quebec. For the organization, the observation is clear: the measures in place are not sufficient to slow down these new strains of the Coronavirus.

“ The current measures are insufficient to slow the change. […] I imagine that the government will have to change certain decisions, to what is permissible and what is not allowed, ”especially INSPQ’s epidemiologist support, Ds Gaston de Ceres.

It is reported that the government authorized Thursday a new relaxation period for gatherings in places of worship, which since Friday can accommodate 250 people per building, including the Red Zone. Three days ago, Quebec also announced a return to a 3-year full-time student classH, 4H And 5H High school is in the red, from Monday. Spas, gyms and theaters also reopened on Friday.

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