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The confrontation takes another turn

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Virginia Whitehead
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After failing to return from Morocco with a seat on the FIFA Council, Khairuddin Zichi has returned with great controversy. The president of the Algerian Football Association withdrew his Algerian counterpart nomination In the last minute, Faouzi Lakjaa, president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, won the seat.

Perhaps the issue is far from being closed, and the internal confrontation for several weeks between the head of the FAF and the Ministry of Youth and Sports over amending the Federation’s statute is likely to know other developments in the coming days. After what was going to happen in Rabat on Friday 12th March.

Hardly arrived from The Kingdom of MoroccoKhairuddin Zichi wishes to recall that before he ran for office, he obtained the approval of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

« They just asked us to put the odds in our favor, and that’s what we did. We had every chance to win if it wasn’t for the first rejection of our candidacy that influenced our campaign He told the press, Sunday, March 14th.

« What happened is very dangerous »

Another point Zitch made to the media was the disclosure of a letter from the Ministry of Justice about his candidacy. The message goes back to the day following the agreement that was presented to him to run as a candidate, and it was leaked yesterday, Saturday, March 13th, in the press and on social media.

The Financial Journalists Syndicate criticizes the president of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) for respecting some considerations and commitments, noting in particular that such a file goes beyond the sporting framework.

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Khairuddin Zichi announced that he had filed a complaint against X in order to determine who had leaked the correspondence, and to ensure that the document did not carry an acknowledgment of receipt from the FAF, and concluded that the leak is at the MJS level. Reserved place.

« What happened is very dangerous Judge Zichi, noting that he had always believed in good relations between the federation and the ministry.

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