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The Disappearance of Melissa Blaise: Four Years Later, the Mystery Still Complete

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The lives of Melissa Bliss’ relatives are turned upside down when the mother of the family vanishes without a trace in Morrissey on the first night.He is Until November 2, 2017, four years later, feelings are still being felt for loved ones and family who are still hoping to find her.

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“There are days that are harder than others. Like now, it’s hard. Four years ago, we spent Halloween together. We loved celebrating this holiday the two families together. That evening, the spirit was at the party, she invited us to dinner at her place, something very simple, Greek pasta and salad. Adults, we chatted together, she told us how she couldn’t wait to receive her at Christmas, to decorate her home. Her sister-in-law, Sylvie Rene, said she was so proud of her first home and made her want to decorate the holidays even more…”.

Couldn’t wait to welcome the whole family. I remember that last conversation as it was yesterday. This is the last time I saw her.

the evening of his disappearance

evening 1He is November 2017, Melissa Bliss left her home after an argument with her husband.

Then I went to Louiseville at La Terrasse, now closed, to play a game of poker with friends, where I won a hundred dollars.

Just before midnight, she texted her husband to tell him “she won and she’d calm down with a beer.”

She continued her tour at La Brassette L’ami, before ending her evening at Les 2 Dés. It left the facility on foot at about 2:15 a.m., at which time it will be officially reported missing.

“As the years go by, the feelings have changed… At the moment, it is mostly anger. Frustration to see that nothing is moving. We are on the move, we never stop looking and searching, but we leave empty handed,” added Sylvie Rene.

Even his car, a black Toyota Corolla 2011 registered Y70 FAD, seems to be gone.

“Surely the person has information. One person has definitely witnessed something suspicious. It’s been four years, what are you waiting for that person to say!” lamented his sister-in-law.

“It bothers us because to us it’s clear that someone has attacked Melissa. And then that person, how can he go on living his life as if nothing had happened when ours was shattered? We will never give up until we find her,” she added.

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and that all hypotheses are on the table.

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