The doors open Winnipeg: USB will open its dome to the public

L ‘USB It is one of four new places open to the public and free to access these days that highlight Winnipeg’s historical and architectural heritage.

Recently, Heritage introduced us to Winnipeg [donné] Conservation Award for the redesign of our front doors and our invitation to participate again in the Doors Open Winnipeg eventCarol Belchat, an archivist at the university, explains.

We agreed to show off our amazing new doors and invite people to come and see our historic charactershe completes.

French-speaking community [et ses bâtiments] Which has a very important social, cultural and architectural value to usCindy Tugwell, Executive Director of Heritage Winnipeg, insists, for her part.

Reaching the dome

It will be possible to visitUSB Saturday: 11am-5pm However, you must pre-register for the tour which will take about 20 minutes.

We will talk about the main entrance, the mosaic. We have snapshots from that time to see what she looked like at the time. We will also go to the academic hall, show the accommodation, and then go to the dome and the chapel.Carol Belchat explains.

The wooden interior of the Saint-Boniface University dome is 27 meters high.

Photo: Courtesy of San Boniface University

The access to the dome is perhaps the highlight of the tour. In fact, this place is not accessible in normal times. In very special cases, the dome is opened so that people can come and seelights up.

Thus, for a few minutes, visitors find themselves immersed in 1912 and can contemplate the scale of this part of the USB, which is 27 meters high. This structure is purely aesthetic, and has no functionsays the archivist.

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More than 50 places to see

This year also marks the return of Door Open Winnipeg. (A new window) in May. Indeed, during the pandemic, the event took place in September and the number of guided tours and accessible places were severely restricted.

This year, we have over 50 participating sites,” says Heritage Winnipeg CEO Cindy Tugwell. We had 35 during the pandemic.

The fact remains that the event had not yet regained its full potential prior to the health crisis, when access to 112 venues and guided tours were available in 2019.

Places that are inaccessible to the public for the rest of the year

besidesUSBthe church Augustine CenterIn the area of ​​Osborne Church St Matthew’s Anglican Church And the Ukrainian Church Parish of protection of the Blessed Virgin Marywhich celebrates its centenary, is among the novelties.

In addition, places that are normally inaccessible to the public are specifically opened to the public during these open days. This is the case, in particular, in the former county prison located on .St VaughanAdjacent to the courtyard or museum Old Grant’s Mill It is located in Sturgeon Creek Park off Portage Street.

Films related to the general strike of 1919 and concerts by Manitoba’s underground opera It was also planned Millennium Center and on Burton Cummings Theatre.

Although all events and tours are free, you must register and reserve your spot in advance for some attractions. Additionally, if proof of vaccination is not required, some places require a mask to be worn.

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We’re still a little bit in the hybrid mode with COVID-19. So people should not consider that the rules will be the same everywhere and they should find out about itCindy Tuguel advises.

Some French-speaking and bilingual places are present this year (this list is not exhaustive):

  • San Boniface City Council
  • University of San Boniface
  • Saint Norbert Center for the Arts
  • Electricity Museum
  • Saint Norbert County Park (homes will open)
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Circle Molière Theater

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