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The DPCP will not be appealing against Eric Salvail

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DPCP will not appeal the case of former host Eric Salville who was acquitted of sexual assault, harassment and forced confinement.

“The DPCP has conducted a thorough analysis of the decision in the Eric Salvail case. This judgment is based on an assessment of the credibility of the witnesses, and since we have found no legal error, we declare our decision not to appeal,” May Audrey Roy Clotier said on Twitter at the beginning of the report. Friday afternoon.

Salville was acquitted on December 18 for sexual acts alleged by prosecutor Donald Dougway, which allegedly occurred in 1993 on Radio Canada, where the two men were engaged.

The judge then stated that he did not believe the complainant’s account, giving the former host a reasonable doubt.

“The evidence does not exclude the possibility that the complainant made up the story. Judge Alexander Dalmau said that he does not consider the truth much, and little makes it possible to distinguish between true and false,” by acquitting the fallen host, even if he does not believe any of Salville’s version.

At the time of the verdict, the attorney general, May Amelie Riverard, felt that the judge’s decision was highly supportive and that he provided a detailed analysis of the testimony.

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She explained, “The judge took a long part from his analysis to dissect the testimony of the complainant, and he must analyze the testimony of both of them.”

– In collaboration with Michael Nguyen, Journal de Montreal

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