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Star Académie: Here’s where to follow 60 candidates on Instagram

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Jillian Castillo
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We’re all very excited to see a comeback star Academy 2021 is on our screens, and following the candidates on Instagram is part of the fun!

60 candidates will be part of the selection camps and 30 will be cut during the first broadcast on January 17th. The remaining 30 candidates will return the following week (January 24, 7 p.m.) for the second day of camp.

At the end of this process, 20 candidates will automatically receive their passes for the first variety concert on Sunday, February 14th, while the other 10 will be voted on by viewers on the web. Fans will choose 2 to switch to items.

At the 1st Varieties Gala, the 22 contestants will perform, and 15 academics from the 2021 cohort of star Academy It will be chosen at the end.

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Until that happens, here is where you can follow 60 applicants on Instagram:

  1. Alexander guardian: @ alexparent12
  2. Alison Nieder: Embed a Tweet
  3. Emily Jack: Trustworthy
  4. Andrew Rutherford: Embed a Tweet
  5. Annabelle Orest: Embed a Tweet
  6. Come on Anne Sophie: Embed a Tweet
  7. Antoine Liben: @ antoine.lepine
  8. Antoine Poirot (known as Kira): @ kira_real1
  9. Ariane Bellevue: Embed a Tweet
  10. Ariane Bernier: @ ari.bernier
  11. Audrey Ann Sign: Embed a Tweet
  12. Benjamin Gendron: @ _benjaminendron_4real
  13. Camille Geiger LaRouche: Embed a Tweet
  14. Charles Cumin (aka CK): Embed a Tweet
  15. Claudia Godreux: Embed a Tweet
  16. Clemens Cormer-Moras: Embed a Tweet
  17. Dashny Jewels: Embed a Tweet
  18. Frederic Dion: Embed a Tweet
  19. Frederic Beaulieu: @rederique.eaulieu
  20. Gabriel Harvey: @ david_david2
  21. Lavond clouds: Embed a Tweet
  22. Annick Barry: Embed a Tweet
  23. Iyad Lab Black: Embed a Tweet
  24. Jacob Roberge: @ mr.jacobroberge
  25. James Labre: @ james.helter.officiel
  26. Janie Provost (also known as Audaze): Embed a Tweet or @
  27. Jennifer Lee Dupuy: Embed a Tweet
  28. Joy Michael Tremblay Doyle: Embed a Tweet
  29. Jordan Labrick: Embed a Tweet
  30. Julian Thomas: Embed a Tweet
  31. Justin Posadamante: @ jbust97
  32. Kelowna Chauvin: @ kelowna.c
  33. Laurie Dechen: Embed a Tweet
  34. Luno zucchini: Embed a Tweet
  35. Mayva Grillet: Embed a Tweet
  36. What is Rapesa: @
  37. What are warriors: Embed a Tweet
  38. Marc Antoine Delage: Embed a Tweet
  39. Matteo Michaud: @ matt.moln
  40. Matteo Reault: @
  41. Maxense Lapier: Embed a Tweet
  42. Maxime Poivin: Embed a Tweet
  43. Megan Oak: Embed a Tweet
  44. Oliver Bergeron: An Exclusive Account
  45. Olivier Wuppert: @oli.faubert
  46. Philip St. Arnaud: Embed a Tweet
  47. Queenie Clement: Embed a Tweet
  48. Rosalie Ayutt: f_u_n_k_y_p_u_n_k_y
  49. Rose Peron: Embed a Tweet
  50. Sandrine Hebert: Embed a Tweet
  51. Sarah Levsk: Embed a Tweet
  52. Sarah Vanderson: Embed a Tweet
  53. Cheyenne Haidari: @
  54. Sophia Dohemi: Embed a Tweet
  55. Tracy McNeill: Embed a Tweet
  56. Tristan Guay: @ triste.ein
  57. Vincent Julian: Ha-ha-ha
  58. William Clotter: Embed a Tweet
  59. Yannick bisonnet: Embed a Tweet
  60. Zara Sargsyan: Embed a Tweet

It’s up to you to go and cheer on your favorite candidates!

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