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The end of the barrier gestures: the return of the flu – Journal de 20 heures

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Symptoms do not deceive. Carolina has the flu and her pharmacist is not surprised. The number of medical consultations for a flu-like illness nearly doubled in two weeks. The SOS Doctor Center in Cote d’Or is no exception. This doctor’s tour begins with a case of the flu. The virus spreads in all regions and all age groups are affected by it. Sudden peak of the epidemic. Traditionally, it appears that it is in February. For this epidemiologist, the reason for this rebound is very simple. For her, the relaxation of sanitary procedures enhances the circulation of the virus. There will also be the effect of the weather. Mild temperatures in recent days would encourage the spread of influenza. The vaccination campaign just ended. However, stocks in this pharmacy in Ile-de-France are always full. Moreover, it is still possible to vaccinate, but it is no longer reimbursed. It costs 10 euros. In addition to this precautionary measure, doctors remind you that you should respect barrier gestures, wash your hands regularly, and ventilate as much as possible. T F1 | Report by C. Casanova, M. Brossard

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