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What if Marc Bergfen’s plan succeeds?

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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There is always a perfect plan on paper. However, its implementation rarely lives up to expectations. This is true on the construction site.

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This was true of the Taillibert retractable roof. This is true in boxing, where the plan is great until the first face punch is taken.

Mark Bergevin had a set plan this season. Benefit from the reluctance of his enemy brothers from general managers, who are constrained by tight pandemic fighting budgets. Fill in the gaps in alignment, creating a happy mix of young and old. Add Stanley Cup winners to their locker room.

The channel landed

The plan succeeded in the first 10 matches, and topped 16 ranking points. Then the channel descended.

Victor Mitte’s agent dropped the mud, and his client ended up training in the next match. Kulak-Romanov’s husband was separated.

At the same time , Fitness Trainer The end of the offensive break looked, heralding a return to low-scores games with equal certainty like Colette telling us it’s snowing.

Resistance is noted. Without premeditation, the attackers retreated less, putting themselves on hold to be served by defenders who did not conform to this profile. There is no Queen Huggies or Cal Macar in Al Kindi.

Then goalkeeper number one lost his bearings and for a month looked like the Hellebuyck-Brossoit duo on Saturday.

Everything is on the way

The proverb suggests that calamity is a good thing. The 180-degree turn made by Mark Bergevin could bring back the turning point of this crucial season. The president did not like what he saw. Reassuring the observer that I no longer feel very happy to watch this team play suddenly so as not to lose.

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President Claude Julian and Kirk Muller sacked. An unlikely candidate, Dominic Ducharme was appointed by the caretaker and Alex Burrows was promoted from the reserve team.

I don’t care about the CH record since these changes. Everything is on the way. Montreal still had an excellent record in the 15th game of the season, but from the way the team was playing it was apparent that the train was on its way out of course.

The fun is back

Since Ducharme’s appointment, CH has achieved two victories and three setbacks, but Hulk and Fun are back. The Canadian isn’t as good as his 7-1 laundry on Saturday night, but it’s not as bad as he lost 6-3 nine days before the same planes.

Mark Bergevin assumes the stifling pressure of the current campaign. To the eye, it is noticeable that Montreal will be difficult to face the extension and in 4 of 7 in the qualifiers. Especially if Carrie is burning her red leggings.

Sharks are at risk of biting salt water. It appears Geoff Molson will have no choice but to present a new contract to his CEO. Doing so sooner rather than later bolsters the short-term plan.

It will prevent the noise from continuing to spread like a bad perception that often becomes a miserable reality.

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