The first seismic warning station in British Columbia

What is incredible about these sensors and this technology is that they were able to detect the beginning of the earthquake even before the shaking startedSays British Columbia Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness Jennifer Rice.

British Columbia is using its regional warning system to respond to the dangers of tsunamis, wildfires and rapidly rising waters.

Photo: CBC

According to the government, this could save precious seconds for residents to hunker down and protect their loved ones and property.

Thus construction workers can stop their work; Surgical interventions, pending; Shut off gas valves and vehicular traffic, to be diverted in order to avoid bridges and tunnels, explains Jennifer Rice.

The installation of a seismic sensor at Horseshoe Bay will provide a critical early warning site for the British Columbia coastWest Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-C to Sky Country Rep. Patrick Wheeler said in a statement.

Road sign, escape route.

Tsunami warning sign in Tofino, Vancouver Island

Photo: Radio Canada / Genevieve LaSalle

The seismic warning system was developed by Natural Resources Canada and will be part of a nationwide network that, when fully operational in 2024, will allow Canadians in areas of high seismic activity to receive Amber alerts.

The risk of a major earthquake here is very real, making this station the ideal location for the first sensor in the National Seismic Early Warning Network. »

Quote from Jennifer Rice, British Columbia Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness

Each year, Canada records about 5,000 earthquakes, mostly along the coast of British Columbia and Yukon.

In January, British Columbia already announced that the regional warning system, which is normally used in the event of a tsunami, could include additional hazards such as wildfires and rapidly rising waters.

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