The first time I saw Laila, I knew the second time that she would be my wife.

Taher Rahim, 39, on his way to fulfilling his American dream.

at “Guilty Name” movie by Kevin MacDonald Released February 12 in the United States, he plays a tortured prisoner at Guantanamo. Illusory performance by an actor of extraordinary talent. Already nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, Taher Rahim In the process, you can win the top prize. Nine years after Jean Dujardin, she became the second Frenchwoman to surrender to Hollywood. In Paris Match, he trusts in particular how this young man found his extremely protected place with a brother with ten children. “At first I was close to my younger sisters, and they affected me a lot. Then I grew fascinated with my older siblings. Through them, I discovered other eras, I was very nourished by that.”

Since his youth, he keeps a memory of happy brewing. There gathered people who came from everywhere: France, the Maghreb, sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Yugoslavia … “We went to each other, we discovered other ways of being. There, France, in the opening more than the withdrawal. I was born in me this Persuasive flair for new heights.Since his first appearance on the screen, Taher Al-Seleky liked to be directed by filmmakers from Great Britain, Belgium, Iran, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Japan, and Canada … “With them, I caught up with the world in an accelerated way, and moved faster As a man, and therefore as an actor. “A modest, representative of a Prophet also tells us about his meeting with his wife, actress Leila Bakhti, whom he married ten years ago and fathered two children. There are unseen beacons along our path. You still have to be able to understand them. The first time I saw Laila, the second time I knew that she would be my wife and the mother of my children. Our meeting was not love at first sight, it was written. It was our destiny. ”

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