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The flag is masked in the course

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Tracy’s Corse, thrones on a bronze bust we owe to sculptor Paul Reacher, of the famous Cussetois, Saturnin Arloing, opened on October 9, 1921.

Brilliant veterinarian, born in Cossett in 1846, Arling was principal of the National Veterinary School, and a member of the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Medicine. We owe him, among other things, the discovery of a vaccine against bovine tuberculosis.

Bust and case of vets

In the front of the monument, sculpted in bronze, he is depicted injecting a cow in front of a herd.

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This statue has a special history, because it was removed in 1942 by the Germans, at a time when cast iron and metals were still being smelted, and was never found.

Less fortunate was the statue of Victor Cornell, another famous figure from the Custos, whose statue was also removed, but fortunately it was found. A new bust replaced the original, reinstalled with great fanfare on March 20, 1955, by Gabriel Perronet, the general counsel, who was also the Secretary of State and a veterinarian.

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Note that in 1997, after cleaning and renovation, the bust of this great man was reinstalled, as Joseph Balthon was mayor and veterinarian by profession, which is definitely a thing for vets!

She seems to be thinking while holding her chin

Beside the representation of Saturnin Arloing, the flag stands, pensive, holding its chin, apparently thinking (perhaps about how to eradicate the Covid-19 virus) and holding a laurel wreath in its right hand.

A sign of the current pandemic we are going through, the Joker went up to the memorial to put a surgical mask on the mouth of the venerable statue, no doubt in his fear that the science, to which we owe vaccines is so controversial, from contamination with the nasty virus that is causing us so much trouble now.. .

Disguised science, a symbol that’s okay in these tough times…

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