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The French Boxing Federation will suppress Neuville Watah

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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The boxer, from Villeurbanne on the outskirts of Lyon, confirms that he was notified by email until the morning of the fight of the fact that he would not be covered by FFBoxe insurance.

Rather, she notes, she warned him on August 23. Despite everything, Ouatah had intentionally chosen to disregard the advice and travel to Montreal to face the protection of the Tiger’s Eye Department.

However, Wattah was informed by his federation that this commitment on his part did not honor many of the prerequisites in place for the proper management of the health and safety of fired French boxers.

Rule 1-4 of the Professional Boxing Sports Act states that Travel outside the territory must be requested from the professional boxing administrative services eight days before the date of the fight and obtain permission.

In order for the latter to be released, boxers have to meet several criteria, including:

  • the absence of the risk of unbalanced combat;
  • the absence of risks related to the health or physical safety of the boxer;
  • Count three positive battles (victories or draws) in the last ten battles;
  • Do not count the losses before the limit in the last battle

The French Federation found that Newfel Ouatah did not meet all of these prerequisites, including the latter being eliminated. In his last fight in June 2021.

Thus, the email sent to Ouatah on the morning of September 9 is a reminder of his commitments.

FFBoxe has already taken over their disciplinary bodies who will be responsible To pursue as appropriate these facts which seriously undermine applicable regulations and seriously damage the image of the French Boxing Federation as well as the Canadian company Eye of The Tiger Management.

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