The Gregory Affair: Can Science Uncover the Mystery?

COLD CASE – While TF1 airs a new series that relives the story of Grégory Affair, analyzes are still underway to shed light on this 37-year-old case. Because thanks to scientific progress, new information can be updated.

What if the destitution of Gregory’s case was caused by science? As the heroes age and memories begin to fail, perhaps analyzing the things taken as evidence at the time remains the last hope for solving this 37-year-old case.

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Create a robot image using DNA

In the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie, 240,000 seals of unresolved cases have been carefully preserved for 40 years. “Over time, science evolves and there are new technologies that allow us to analyze monuments, discover antiquities that have not yet been discovered, and therefore already during this period, we can hope to make these seals speak. Those who remain silent today”, explains Petty Officer Nicola Disboards.

This amounts to making DNA talk private. In the case of Grégory, further analysis of the damaged traces can be carried out, thanks to research inDNA kinship. “Over time, the DNA will be present in less and less quantity, so this device makes it possible to overcome these limits in order to be able to give a result”, details of Lieutenant Colonel Frederic Braard.

And with a DNA fingerprint, we can now create a robot image. Gender, age within two years, eye color, hair, skin, biogeographic origins, and even predisposition to baldness or freckles.

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Analyze the effects of diatoms

There are also these analytical techniques that, had they existed in 1984, would have avoided a lot of mistakes during this issue. Thus, the analysis of the lungs makes it possible to distinguish whether there are traces of microalgae, called diatoms.

“You will find it in lakes, rivers, rivers … But on the other hand, in drowning in a bathtub or in an urban net, in a swimming pool, there are diatomaceous filters, which prevent us from finding after diatoms in both the lungs and other organs “Judge Anne-Typhaine Baude, an expert in forensic medicine.

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However, we still don’t know if little Gregory drowned in Volonia or if he really died when we threw him into the water. Various analyzes, particularly on the Raven messages, are currently underway. They could be the last chance to shed some light on the matter.

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