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The ideal base solution for all residential construction projects

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Are you planning to implement a balcony, cottage, annex, chalet or even a solarium project soon? To achieve this, choose an affordable, off-the-shelf foundation solution: screw piles.

For many, the beginning of the beautiful season is synonymous with small and large construction projects around the house or cottage. With the planning of this work come some important decisions, including choosing the type of foundation for your structure.

For a permanent, simple and easy-to-install foundation solution, call Postech heap installer And start your construction project on solid foundations.

Innovative high quality product

The ideal base solution for all residential construction projects

Courtesy: Postech Screw Piles Inc.

Made in Canada since 2007, thermal pilingTM Galvanized steel designed by Pieux Postech has revolutionized the field of screw piles for residential and light commercial projects.

The technology developed by Pieux Postech is somewhat similar to the insulation of the walls of the house, it allows to insulate the inner part of the galvanized steel pipe. Thus, it is possible to avoid the formation of ice or frost at the base of the heap. The screw pile wing is installed at least 1.8 m (6 ft) into the ground and, therefore, below the freezing point. This then makes it possible to counteract the movements that the heap can go through due to ground freezing and thawing.

Moreover, this foundation solution is suitable for all types of soil whether it is rocky, sandy or uneven soil. In addition, the installation of screw piles promises not to damage your land.

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Reliable, friendly and professional service

The ideal base solution for all residential construction projects

Courtesy: Postech Screw Piles Inc.

In business for more than 25 years, Canadian company Pieux Postech It can count on a network of over 120 franchisees and distributors across North America.

Just let your local expert guide you in choosing the right type of pile to set up your business. Once the requirements are fixed, you can schedule the installation (it only lasts a few hours).

Rest assured, Postech franchisees are certified installers. They will be able to answer all your questions and carry out a simple, fast and foolproof installation, on all types of soil, using a mini excavator. Once the piles are screwed into the ground, they will be ready to receive your structure.

Environmental and sustainable solution

Offered in various formats to adapt to your type of construction, Postech Thermal Piles represent an interesting and innovative solution and an excellent alternative to traditional concrete foundations.

Since the installation does not require drilling or the use of heavy machinery, this innovative product has a much lower impact on ecosystems. This factor is more interesting if you are building on land where the natural environment must be preserved.

Thanks to the galvanizing process, the refractory substratesTM She is also resistant. This means that you can transfer and reuse them as your projects evolve. In short, there is no doubt that screw piles have all the essential features of your residential projects!

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Find Postech heap installer Closer to you and let your local expert guide you in choosing the most appropriate type of pile for your construction project!

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