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The iMac with the Apple Silicon chip could provide a screen over 27 inches

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The Apple iMac is a very complete machine, capable of many things. And the arrival of Apple Silicon chips still heralds a bright future. With a larger screen?

an Apple It has been very successful for many years with its collection of office machines iMac. With the arrival of the first homemade Apple Silicon chips, the field of possibilities appears to be expanding even more. In particular, this could make it possible to imagine a machine equipped with Bigger screen. explained.

Soon an iMac larger than 27 inches?

Today’s largest computer by screen size is the 27-inch iMac. Not to mention the 32-inch Pro Display XDR that can be connected to a Mac mini or Mac Pro. However, that may change in the near future, according to a tweet from well-known lovetodream. According to him, Cupertino could launch a larger model.

32 inches? More?

As you already know, Apple is currently designing new iMacs with the Apple Silicon chip. The Rumors It also claims the Cupertino Corporation will take the opportunity to introduce a new brand the designWhich would be very welcome considering the iMac has been using the same design for many (very) years now. If recent leaks are proven, Apple could replace the 27-inch model with a larger board. But no one knows yet how big it will be.

We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this model can integrate a screen similar, in size, to Pro Display XDR. Apple has made displays in the past that fit the size of the iMac (and design), so it’s not unlikely that we would imagine this happening again. Among the other rumors surrounding the new iMac, it is rumored that Apple may introduce several colors. Meanwhile, the 21.5-inch model can be discontinued in favor of the 24-inch model.

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In any case, Apple is expected to host an event by the end of the month, and new products will be announced there. The Cupertino Corporation hasn’t sent out invitations yet, and we’ll keep you informed as we learn more.

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