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Members of the 2nd Field Artillery Regiment join the medical and housekeeping team at the Argyle Long-Term Care and Residency Center, as part of Operation LASER, in Saint-Lambert, Quebec, April 30, 2020. [MDN]

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Can you tell me which spring fly has stung Canada’s New Democratic Party activists on the eve of their national convention? So would you imagine that a few bright minds from the Spadina-Fort York Riding Association in Ontario came to a decision aimed at phasing out the Canadian Armed Forces?

that easy! We are closing the shop! We sell our CF-18s and diesel submarines to the highest bidder! We are changing our soldiers to become public servants! And we will organize ourselves, whatever we can, if Canada needs its army at home or on the international stage!

Even this dear Jack Layton, who took over the Quebecers in 2011 by electing 59 strangers, must be turned over in his grave.

Why the National Party wants to eliminate the Canadian Armed Forces? Expensive ! They are useless! Canada does not need an army! We are in the era of globalization! All of what is mentioned above!

Here, in a free translation, the arguments justifying debate about this decision at the NDP convention: “In a world of globalized economy, conventional armies are becoming more and more useless. Members of the Canadian Armed Forces, at the expense of the federal government, in public service roles that contribute to expanding Canadian, regional and municipal social services, such as expanding health care, education, community services, public transportation and parks.

This precision is supposed to be a big “cloud scraping” since only NDP is able to do it! The brilliant minds of the National Democratic Party cite Costa Rica as an example and the fact that there are 21 countries in the world that do not have military forces. Do they have or have any idea who these 21 countries are? One of them is Niue, which has a population of 1,591. You will try to find it on the world map without using Google Map!

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How many G7 countries (the countries with the most advanced economies in the world) or the G20 have no military might? All of these countries have military strength, even Japan, which is a country without an army (an army of attack), but in reality it has a self-defense army of more than 260,000 soldiers. The arguments of the NDP completely reduce the need for a military force in a country like Canada. The roles and mandates of military force are not limited to participation in armed conflict or peacekeeping missions. It is an essential tool in international relations, especially with our allies.

Mali Task Force members provide force protection at Camp Castor during a presence operation on February 5, 2019 (Corporal François Charest / 430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron)

This decision demonstrates that NDP activists live on another planet and do not understand the depth of issues involved in the importance of a military force. Especially in the current context where tensions on the international scene are more intense than ever, especially with the country that has the largest number of active military personnel in the world.

Let it be clear, I am totally in favor of Canada and its provinces having better systems for health and social services, education and community services. Moreover, I firmly believe that before considering investing more colossal sums into these various systems (including the addition of human resources), it would definitely be time in Canada and in the provinces to make full assessments of these systems. Do you want to remember that the Quebec government allocates, year after year, nearly 50% of its annual budget to health and social services! However, are you completely satisfied with the access to the services, the wait time, or even the services themselves? Certainly, systemic problems will not be resolved by eliminating the Canadian Armed Forces, as the NDP decision suggests.

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Canada needs the Canadian Armed Forces and its army. At home, the Canadian Armed Forces have played a fundamental role in CHSLDs or during the floods of 2017 and 2019. On the international stage, they have contributed to stabilizing the world, since 1954, through peacekeeping missions. Not forgetting that the Canadian Armed Forces made it possible to preserve our rights, values ​​and freedoms during two major global conflicts or recently in Afghanistan. So the Canadian Armed Forces protect Canada, they protect our homes and our rights.

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