The influenza virus is stopped and treated by an enzyme

Influenza is a seasonal disease that spoils the daily lives of many French people. But the discovery could stop him.

Each year, a flu epidemic usually returns during the winter. Although this disease is not often dangerous, it can be Fatal for the most fragile people. INSEE revealed that 668,800 people died from influenza in 2020. In the face of this increase in deaths, researchers have worked for several years to find a treatment against influenza.

As a general rule, influenza patients are advised Relax and drink a lot. Medications may be prescribed in case of fever. But There is no specific medicine or treatment to cure the flu. However, this could see the light of day soon thanks to the discoveries made by the Inserm researchers.

Succinate as a protective shield for our body

In partnership with researchers from the Center for the Study of Respiratory Diseases, the scientists Highlight an amazing enzyme: succinate. This enzyme It is naturally present in our bodies. In normal times, it contributes to the proper functioning of our respiratory system. But when we get the flu, it tends to accumulate in the lungs.

In this case, succinate acts as a protective barrier. It prevents the spread of influenza in the lungs and also prevents the reproduction of the virus. This phenomenon was observed in mice infected with the virus as part of the study. The results and conclusions have been published in the specialized journal EMBO Journal. Furthermore, it appears very promising for future therapies.

Flu cure soon for patients?

After this discovery, the researchers became very confident. In fact, they confirmed it The appearance of succinate in the lungs of humans has also occurred in the case of influenza infection. Thus, it will pave the way for new therapies that are easier to take.

However, researchers still have one item to study before introducing succinate-based therapies in drugstores. In fact, they haven’t yet figured out how sugar works in our bodies when we’re facing this pandemic. ” The perspective of our work is interesting because it has the potential to open the way for the development of new antiviral therapies derived from succinate. They explain.

So the researchers focus their efforts on this point but also on discovering other metabolites (ie elements created by our metabolism) that are capable of treating us.

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