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The Legault government is denying the arrival of refugee students

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The Canadian Student Refugee Program (PER) was established more than 40 years ago and has actually been suspended in Quebec, unlike other refugee reception programs.

We did not expect thatRaphael Senaif, teacher of social work techniques at Cégep du Vieux Montréal, admits to being very active on this profile.

Every year, across the country, nearly 130 refugee students are hosted at Canadian universities, including a few dozen in Quebec, through the World University of Canada Organization (WUSC), which works in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

It is a unique program. These are vulnerable youth between the ages of 18 and 25 who come from refugee camps in Jordan, Uganda, Malawi or Tanzania.As Raphael Sinaev says, noting that all costs are covered by the student committees that organize fundraising.

It is a program prepared and for young people. Young people here organize themselves to find housing and finance the accommodation of young refugees.

Rafaëlle Sinave, teacher at Cégep du Vieux Montréal

Suspension of projects in Montreal and in the regions

Over the past few days, many teachers from all over Quebec have called the office of Immigration Minister Nadine Girrault to express panic Municipal.

Sponsorship projects are planned this year at around twenty universities in Quebec and CEGEPs, whether in Montreal, Alma, Mattane or even Sherbrooke.

This program, based on the local commitment of students, teachers, staff and school administrators, greatly contributes to raising these communities’ awareness of immigration issues as well.Books, for example, National Federation of Quebec Teachers (FNEEQ).

Each sponsorship project has a major impact on all of the young people involved in the process. Closing the door before them sends a very negative and disjointed political message to these student communities.

Benoît Lacoursière, FNEEQ General Secretary

The institutions involved are Disappointed With this decision, he confirmed, on his part, the Federation of cégeps.

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Suspicions of fraud, according to Quebec

To justify this comment, the government, contacted by Radio Canada, raised suspicions of fraud regarding various programs associated with the reception of refugees in Quebec.

These allegations were already put forward, at the end of October, by the Ministry of Immigration, French and Integration (MIFI), which made a decision to suspend refugee sponsorship by the organizations for one year. A few months ago, sponsorship requests were filed in a tense climate and Legolt’s government realized the problems.

The decision to temporarily exclude organizations from the program is motivated by serious allegations regarding the integrity of the programNadine Girolt’s government answers.

Why did you target this reception program that targets refugee students only? The Legault government remained ambiguous, focusing instead on global commentary Part of the group sponsorship program.

We learned from the reports that the organizations made profits on the expense of the sponsored people. In Quebec, we cannot tolerate schemes that offend foster persons.

Fleur Bouchon, spokeswoman for Minister Nadine Girrault

Despite many reminders, Minister Girolt’s office refused to give details, but indicated that A. The investigation is underwayWithout mentioning a timetable for any reports or actions.

Not understandStéphane Richold, president of the Table de concertation des Entities Serving Refugees and Immigrants (TCRI), admits.

This governmental logic is A little far fetched, He says.

It is a successful program in the rest of Canada. It is disastrous for Quebec to put obstacles in its way. It is a pity for these guys.

Stephan Richold, President of TCRI

Low blow, According to PLQ

The Legault government’s decision also angered the opposition parties. According to the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), It is a low hit.

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This program is very dangerous, they are young people who are chosen by professionals in the humanitarian fieldRep. Christine St.-Pierre, who says silently.

It is inhuman and unfair. The government puts everyone in one basket.

Christine Saint-Pierre, anti-immigration critic

It is an oppression for these young refugees and young Quebecers who are gathering to organize their arrival.Andrés Fontecilla, Immigration spokesperson for Québec Solidaire (QS) adds.

The government treats all organizations that help refugees like people doing things illegally.

Andrés Fontecilla, MP for QS

We are talking about a unique program, the reliability of which has not been questioned. The government punishes everyone for alleged violations of other programsHe is sorry.

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