The liberal government is open to amending the digital media law

OTTAWA – The federal government says it is open to proposals from MPs to amend legislation that would subject broadcasting companies, such as Netflix, to the same rules as traditional Canadian broadcasters.

Parliamentary Secretary to Heritage Minister Chris Bettle says that in the House of Commons MPs have the opportunity to amend the bill after it has been reviewed in committee.

During a debate in the House of Commons, Tory MP Rachael Thomas, a member of the Heritage Committee, raised concerns that the bill would regulate people who post videos on platforms like YouTube.

The broadcast bill would require web companies to provide a set amount of Canadian content and invest heavily in Canadian cultural industries, including film, television and music.

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez said the bill would not affect people who post videos on online platforms, but only commercial content.

The bill, known to Parliament as C-11, updates the 1991 Broadcasting Act, which preceded the Internet revolution. This period changed the way people watch movies and videos and listen to music.

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