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I told you in my column on Monday about this wave of incest convictions sweeping France since the book came out. the big familyBy Camille Kouchner.

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I was saying that I had hoped that a similar book would be written here in Quebec so that “tongues” and “utterances” would be written.

However, once my column was published, I received disturbing testimonials of real incest stories … well from home.

Their little secret

These testimonials are not easy to read.

One woman wrote to me, “My 6-year-old father assaulted me until I was about 14. Why did you stop and ask me? Simply because we happily moved to a house where the door to my room was locked.”

One reader told me, “I haven’t slept since Monday’s article because I’m 57 and tired of my silence. Because incest occupied my life so much.”

An incest victim who became a teacher asserts: “As a high school teacher, I still see a lot at a time when all the taboos seem to have fallen. That’s no! Fortunately, I was able to help some of my students who trusted me.”

A man wrote to me to tell me what he thought of the incest story that indirectly affected him. A female student accused him (falsely) of harassing her. The girl’s mother was a victim of incest, and the grandfather lived with her. The girl was treating with a school psychiatrist. All warm men were dangerous for her … ”

Fortunately, among these darker testimonies, however, I also found human fragments.

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” For the second time [que j’en ai parlé] It was when I told my boyfriend he was 16. He was 22 years old. We had only been dating for a few weeks, and even though we were so chaste, he was still amazed that I jumped when he grabbed me around the waist or tried to kiss me. Then I told him the truth. His reaction: He wanted to kill my father. For the first time, someone believed me and most importantly, was willing to protect me. And on Thursday, we’ll be together for 47 years … ”

no relation ship !

Among the reactions to my post, in the “They didn’t understand anything” category, there’s also “doc” Mailloux who talked about my column on his YouTube show with Josie Arsino.

He drew a counterpart, to talk about husbands molesting children, between his stepfather Camille Kushner and American filmmaker Woody Allen, who supposedly slept with his adopted daughter.

How often will it be necessary to repeat it that:

1- Woody Allen was no sooner than adoptive father Lee Brevin (adopted by conductor Andre Brevin and Mia Farrow);

2- Woody Allen and Mia Farrow did not live together so he could in no way be considered a “stepfather”.

3- Soon Yi was old when Allen started sleeping with her. She was … 22 years old!

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