The long-awaited results of the voting in Broome Mississkoye | Canada elections 2021

On Tuesday afternoon, the results of the vote were still unknown in the Broome Mississkoye ride. Counting votes by mail should begin early Wednesday morning, according to bloc candidate Marilou Allary and Liberal candidate Pascal Saint-Aung, who are leading a very tight race.

Currently, Mrs. Allary already has a hundred more votes than Mrs. Saint Ong.

The Bromey-Missiskoye polling station indicates that there are still more than 1,400 postal votes counted in the constituency. The announcement of the results may be delayed until Thursday, however, after the votes are counted they must be checked to ensure that no one has voted twice.

In an interview with Radio Canada on Tuesday, Marilou Alarie and Pascale St-Onge said they had a very long election night.

Marilou Alari.

Marilou Alari is a candidate for the Quebecwa bloc in Brome-Missiskoye.

Photo: Radio Canada/Marion Biroby

I went to bed at 4 am, because obviously we were waiting for results. We were waiting for the results of the last box, which was finally the mailbox, says Marilou Alari. I, from now on, my work is done, and it is no longer really in my hands. I can’t tell you that I have any pressures.

Pascal Saint Ong.

Pascal Saint Ong, a liberal candidate in Prom Mississkoye.

Photo: Radio Canada/Marion Biroby

I wasn’t expecting to experience it this way. I expected to get the results at the same time as everyone else, knowing that this would likely be determined by postal voting, notes Pascal Saint Ong. The situation remains unprecedented in the country at the moment, for elections to be held at a time of pandemic.

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The Quebecwa bloc was elected to the Prom-Missiskoye presidency from 2006 to 2011. The Liberal Party was elected in 2015 and 2019.

With information from Marion Biroby

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