The Montreal Marathon has been cancelled

Thousands of runners will not be able to put on their athletic shoes for the Montreal Marathon. Organizers believe that health measures prevent the event, which was scheduled to take place from September 24 to 26.

choral laplante

choral laplante

The “disassembly plan procedures and instructions issued specifically for the festivals” benefited from the marathon, which gathered about 12,000 athletes during its last edition, in September 2019.

The race was also not able to organize in 2020.

“We were not able to respect the scope of the experiment or all health and operational instructions, such as site capacity, distance and monitoring along roads of up to 42 km, and then satisfy all of our participants,” said GPCQM’s President and CEO. Events, Sebastian Arsino, in a press release.

“Today, there is no guarantee for organizers of large gatherings that relief will be possible at the beginning of autumn,” said Mr. Arsenault. He justified the organization’s decision by saying that organizing the marathon “cannot be decided at the last minute.”

The next Montreal Marathon should be held from September 23-25, 2022.

Contestants who have already registered for the 2021 event will be able to request a refund or delay their registration to 2022.

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