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The new audience for vaccination centers is hesitant but restricted

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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We know the results of the operation “At the beginning of the school year, everyone was vaccinated,” which was carried out this weekend across the country. in Vaucluse, More than 1,460 doses have been injected. Several months into the vaccination campaign, people who come to receive injections at the Carrefour Cortine Center in Avignon are often restricted or paid for by the restrictions imposed by the health permit.

hesitant but constrained

Villida comes out from the center with a small bandage on her arm. She took her second dose because she works with multiple sclerosis patients. “I knew I was going to do it, but I waited a bit until the last minute,” She trusts. “On September 15th, if I don’t take both doses, I won’t work”she explained, restricted by government decision from Suspend unvaccinated caregivers without income.

She does not consider herself an anti-vaccine, but is mixed on the issue. Bastian is neither for nor against. In fact, he doesn’t really care. “She’s outdone me, actually. I work in the restaurant business, so I should get vaccinated.” He is not too afraid of contracting Covid-19: “I’m in the kitchen, so I don’t see many people. I would have been fine.”

Over the weekend, centers were set up in Carrefour stores in Avignon, Oranges and Leclerc de Valréas Almost 200 people were vaccinated.

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