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The new Chrome OS replaces all your passwords with your fingerprint

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Chrome OS 88, the latest operating system update, is compatible with the WebAuthn communication standard. This means that it is possible to contact websites using a PIN code or his fingerprint.

Because passwords It is no longer the best protection, but also because it is boring to enter the famous word “sesame” on every site, Google You think of other ways to contact very securely with your most visited sites, be it an online merchant, its messaging system, or even a social network. And therefore, Chrome OS 88 It introduces two new types of connection.

The first is the PIN code associated with your password manager. Instead of remembering all of your passwords, you only need to create a four-digit code, and this code will be required every time you log into a site. It’s not new as a kind of identification, and it’s even Windows 10 operating system Use it too. Entering four numbers is still faster than entering a 10-character password with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, or even special characters.

Le Standard WebAuthn

The second is also not revolutionary: it is about using Digital print. The same principle as the PIN code, the fingerprint is what is used to contact various websites and it is obviously fast and practical. With one condition, however … the systemAuthentication, Which was validated in 2018, has not yet been circulated. This is the web authentication standard, or WebAuthn. While most browsers support it, the site should be Internet Combine it, and that equates to two-factor authentication.

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Available in update since Wednesday, Chrome OS 88 It includes other new features such as a dynamic screen saver with quick access to functions and information. Basically, it resembles the screen of your tablet or Chromebook transformed into a high-end picture frame. Another novelty: the ability to quickly switch from one virtual office to another.

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