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When science rules our lives

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Chronicle – In 1959, Percy Snow gave a forgotten lecture on the opposition of the two cultures, Literary and Scientific. This echoes strangely in our time of the primacy of hygiene.

Dictatorship of Health. Ego quarrels between doctors. Domineering numbers. Over the past year, these expressions have become familiar to us. Partially excessive, but it also corresponds to our reality. Science has taken charge for better and for worse. Politicians hide behind it to legitimize the freedom-killing restrictions they impose on the population. There are now 66 million epidemiologists in France; He represented the coaches of the French national team during the FIFA World Cup. The numbers – those expectations like hospitalization or infection and now vaccination – govern us. Science holds the helm of the state and reigns over our lives with an iron fist willingly disposing of the velvet glove. We easily recall the character of Michel Foucault, who in the 1970s predicted the emergence of what he called “biopolitics”. A few decades before him, there was an Englishman

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