The Oilers defeat the Kings and advance to the second round

The Oilers had another strong start to the game. From the very first moments, they kept attacking, not sparing the Kings players who found themselves in the teams on several occasions.

And Leon Drysittel, who injured his ankle in Game Six on Thursday in Los Angeles, doesn’t look like he’s at 100 percent. He appeared on the ice six times for five minutes and forty-seven seconds.

In the second period, the Oilers pounded Jonathan Quick’s net with 25 shots. Eight of their shots were saved by the Kings player and nine others missed the goal.

Cody Cisse is the only one who has managed to outsmart goalkeeper Kings. After receiving a pass from Conor McDavid, he scored a goal with a powerful shot.

Keeler Yamamoto didn’t make a pass on goal, but he put in a great performance before that. Installed on the Blue Line, it was forbidden to permit kings to jump in the air to keep the disc in the visitor’s area, and farmers recorded the same possession of the puck.

A few minutes earlier, Evander Kane thought he’d scored a goal. He pushes the ball behind Quick, but Andreas Athanasio manages to clear the ball before it crosses the goal line.

At the top of the third set, the Oilers continued to push forward, while cautiously protecting their skinny lead.

Left alone in the pocket, Kailer Yamamoto hit the column to the right of Quick, then the latter thought he was thwarted by a bullet from Zack Kassian. He searched for the disk behind him, but succeeded in saving her.

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With 3:53 left in that period, Conor McDavid turned the net for Quick, who saved the ball. The captain grabbed his back and scored from the backhand.

Greetings to the kings

Before answering questions, coach Jay Woodcroft paid tribute to Dustin Brown and the Kings.

I would like to congratulate Dustin Brown on his distinguished career. He’s a champion who just played his last match in NHL Tonight I am so glad I was able to attend.

Woodcroft . has been added I would also like to congratulate the Kings led by Luke Rubitail, Rob Blake, Todd McClellan and Trent Yawney as well as players Anzi Copetar, Philip Danault and Jonathan Quick. Thanks to them, we got a whole series.

Draisaitl Okay

When asked about the nature of his injury, striker Leon Drysittel only responded I’m fine where I’m fine.

In total, Draisaitl spent 22 minutes and 38 seconds on the ice, making him the second most used player on the list, behind Conor McDavid who played for 27 minutes and 23 seconds.

Jay Woodcroft, not to mention the injury, said tonight’s match proved what a Driestel warrior is.

Like Connor, he wants to win and will do anything to do so. This kind of situation is contagious. He played a very important role in getting us to the second round.

the best player in the world

Conor McDavid has participated in five of his last six goals.

In Game 7, try 12 shots on goal. Six of them reached the Kings goalkeeper, four missed the goal and two were saved. He also finished the evening with four strokes, only Zach Cassian and Josh Archibald used their shoulders more than the captain during the evening.

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Leon Drysittel spoke about his teammate Conor McDavid saying that he was the best player in the world and he has proven that again in his last two games.

Not because of his talent, yes of course his talent is undeniable, but tonight you can see in his eyes his desire to win and his determination, every time he jumps on the rink. For him, defeat was unacceptable. It showed the way, it was really amazing. »

Quote from Leon Drystel, Oilers

For his part, the coach said that no player had ever seen such an exceptional performance in two consecutive games as Conor McDavid had just done.

He’s driven to win, he’s a great teammate, a leader who leads by example.

Oilers in the game 7

This was the first time since 1990 that Game Seven was played in Edmonton. That year, the Oilers defeated the Winnipeg Jets in the first round of the playoffs, before winning the Stanley Cup.

The Oilers’ last win was in Game 7 in 1998 against the Colorado Avalanche. Since that victory, the team has lost twice in Game Seven, in 2006 during the Final in Carolina and in 2017 in the second round against the Anaheim Ducks in 2017.

The Oilers will now have to wait for the outcome of the match between the Flames and the Stars on Sunday to see who their next opponent will be. If the flame wins, the Battle of Alberta will begin in Calgary. If the stars emerge victorious, the streak between them and the Oilers in Edmonton will begin.

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