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The only player drafted by the Canadian in 2014 is still with the team

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Many Canadian fans criticize him for not fishing well. Frankly, the club’s overall record over the past 10 years isn’t that bad. We’re far from the elite of the NHL, but we’re not the worst either.

But in 2014 it was a disaster.

Only one player (Jake Evans) who was drafted in 2014 is still with the team today, and oddly enough, he was the one who was picked later (at 7.NS round, 207NS In total). For the rest, nothing. Not only are they no longer with the Canadians: they are simply no longer in the National League…


Even worse, three of the six drafted players, Nicholas Kuperstein, Daniel Udette and Hayden Hawk, never set foot on the NHL circuit…

And it’s not 37 Nikita Scherbach matches or Brett Lernout’s 21 that saves the situation either.

Currently, Jake Evans, who I remember, is cast at 7NS Tour, it has more NHL games on the clock than all the other players drafted by the Canadiens in 2014 combined.

And we agree, the Canadian didn’t really catch up in 2015 either, because only Lukas Vejdemo is still part of the organization. He is also one of only two, along with Noah Goulsen, in this draft to have played NHL games.

However, the 2015 draft is more forgiving, because I’m confident Noah Goulsen would have been a great defensive player if he hadn’t been so unlucky on the injured side. To this day, I am still not ready to say that Al-Kindi was wrong in his choice, because it was simply impossible to foresee the unfortunate events that occurred.

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Going back to Evans, what I admire most about him is his intelligence, both on and off the ice. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons for his continued improvement despite his advancing age.

At the age of 25, most attackers enter President. Meanwhile, Evans is just starting his career and he wants to prove over the next season that he can produce offensively. In a best-case scenario, Evans would replace Philip Danault’s offensive and defensive production. In this way, you can really say that the Canadian has improved in the center position compared to last year, with Christian Dvorak currently outperforming Gisbury Kotkanemi.

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Many people can relate to the story of Jonathan Drouin [TSN]

– interesting

– I still find it hard to believe that the penguins will go far without improvement in aim.

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– It will be excellent.

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