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The permissibility of vaccination is logical

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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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The documents just announced confirm that the vaccine passport project is very advanced in Ontario. The Quebec government is also making progress on the fileBut he sometimes acts like he’s walking on eggshells. However, you must go ahead with this file.

The need to prove vaccination has become a global commitment. Anyone contemplating cross-border travel after the outbreak of a pandemic should be prepared for it. So it is imperative that our government provide its citizens with this tool and do it right.

Furthermore, other Canadian provinces are working on the file, in addition to Quebec and Ontario, especially British Columbia. In February, the federal government and the provinces appeared to have agreed on this need, although it has not been officially announced.

According to the information we have, the idea of ​​a vaccine passport will also be at the center of initial discussions about reopening the border between Canada and the United States. This return to normal will become local in the coming months.

Acceleration of return to normal

The big question still concerns the use of this vaccination passport to control entrance fees to local institutions. Can the vaccination pass be used to speed up a return to normal life in restaurants, theaters, or sports stadiums?

Open early, open with fewer restrictions, open a 100% restaurant with all tables, sell all seats in the showroom. A passport may help.

why not ? Americans are already doing it in sports stadiums. In Europe, the entire tourism sector relies on the European vaccination passport which would allow residents of the 27 member states of the European Union to travel to other countries of the Union, upon presentation of the passport.

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The passport, for example, allows the quarantine to be canceled upon return from the flight. Lack of agreement on such a tool will force our snowbirds, even if vaccinated in Florida, to quarantine like others. They will not be in a good mood and they are not necessarily wrong.

Many European countries also see this tool as a way to reopen activities faster. Denmark has just allowed an application for a digital passport that is generating a lot of enthusiasm across Europe. This passport can be scanned by airports and airlines, but also by local institutions.

Violated rights?

There is a movement against the passport. They say they fear the creation of two classes of citizens. However, it is not. Once the vaccination campaign ends, all citizens will be treated fairly. The vaccine is free and available to everyone.

The choice not to take it becomes an individual decision made for religious or other reasons. While this right to decline must be respected, we must also respect the right of the restaurant or cinema owner to manage his establishment in a safer way. You have to take responsibility for your choices.

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