The preparations all doctors prescribe are a “major advance against the epidemic.”

INTERVIEW – President of the French AIDS Association Pascal Bogles would like 60,000 people to benefit from this preventive treatment against the virus

The news was expected. It was finally formalized by Health Minister Olivier Ferrand, himself, last weekend. From this Tuesday, PrEP, the preventive treatment to prevent infection by HIV, It can be directly described by everyone the doctors In particular, general practitioners.

What further curb the epidemic, according to Nicua Pascal Bouglis, president of the French AIDS Association. This is while the number has decreased Offers Noted during a health crisis, it may raise fears of a worsening situation.

What is this decision about PrEP that will change, in concrete terms?

We will reach a much larger audience and this is an important new step forward in the fight against AIDS. In France, since 2016, two molecules have been allowed to be used as a prophylactic, especially with some at-risk populations. In addition to condoms and treatment for people with HIV. But only Hospitals and Cegidds [Centres gratuits d’information, de dépistage et de diagnostic] For (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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