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The prosecutor said Silvio Berlusconi is seriously ill

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Rome, Italy | Milan’s public prosecutor said on Wednesday that former head of the Italian government and billionaire Silvio Berlusconi, who has been hospitalized several times in recent months especially due to complications related to COVID-19, is suffering from a serious illness.

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“We believe unreservedly that Berlusconi is seriously ill and affected by a serious illness,” said Tiziana Siciliano, the deputy prosecutor in charge of the prosecution in a trial in which the octogenarian answered, tampering with witnesses.

The investigating judge asked the court to suspend the proceedings in relation to Silvio Berlusconi, while trying them for the other accused. The court is due to issue its decision on May 26.

One of Cavalier’s attorneys, Federico Ciccone, said he was under close medical supervision under “home treatment”.

Mr Berlusconi, 84, was discharged from a Milan hospital on Saturday, where he was admitted earlier this week due to complications from his coronavirus infection last year. He was hospitalized for the first time after being infected in September from a lung infection.

He left the same Milanese institution on May 1, after a stay of more than three weeks, and is still treating the after-effects of the COVID-19 he contracted in September.

The billionaire, who underwent a major open-heart operation in 2016, has increased his length of hospital stay in recent months: in March, he spent several days in a Milan hospital, formally doing planned medical checks.

In February he spent a night in the hospital after suffering a slight fall, but in January he spent several days in the Monaco Cardiothoracic Center for arrhythmia problems.

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