The PS5 sells better than the PS4 in Japan, and is less affected by the shortage

To find PS5, it is better if you live in Japan. The country is doing well despite the repercussions of the epidemic.

When we look at 2021 and look to 2022, the odds of finding a PS5 They are not Necessarily the most positive. However, by analyzing Sony’s latest report, we see that not all countries face the same degree of difficulty.

This is particularly the case in Japan The Japanese company unveiled the sales numbers of its latest console. The note is the luckiest, since the company announced it The PS5 exceeded 689,000 Back in the Land of the Rising Sun, or 30,000+ units better than the PS4After the same marketing period that counted 648,000 units sold.

From a global point of view, and as The report indicated, The PS5 has expired in 7.8 million copies.

At the same time, machine production is improving in the region, allowing Japan To be less affected than other countries In terms of available stock.

Satisfactory numbers That’s right, but all of this remains risky despite everything: the company remains on alert, because shortages could continue through 2022.

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