The return of public hangings in Afghanistan

(KABUL) The Taliban on Saturday hanged a corpse from a crane parked in a public square in a city in Afghanistan in a shocking demonstration signaling a resurgence of some atrocities in the past.

Les talibans ont d’abord amené quatre corps sur la place centrale de la ville d’Herat, puis en ont déplacé trois dans d’autres parties de la ville pour les exposer publiquement, a déclaré Wazir Ahmad Seddiqi, qui pharmaè gcieè Place.

Wazir Ahmed Seddiqi said Taliban officials announced that the four men had been caught participating in a kidnapping earlier on Saturday and that the police had killed them.

Zia-ul-Haq Jalali, the district police chief appointed by the Taliban in Herat, later said that the Taliban had rescued a father and his son who had been kidnapped by four kidnappers after an exchange of fire. He said a Taliban fighter and a civilian were wounded by the kidnappers and killed in an exchange of fire.

An Associated Press video shows a crowd gathering around the crane. Bystanders watch the body as the men shout.

“The purpose of this measure is to alert all criminals that they are not safe,” a Taliban commander who did not identify himself told the Associated Press in a camera interview.

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