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We begin to isolate ourselves again to face the seventh wave

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7e The COVID wave continues to cause concern as Las Vegas, Macau in Asia decided to close casinos and non-essential businesses from Monday.

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Therefore, the leaders of this autonomous region of China are tightening the noose and even going to prison those who do not respect this return to health restrictions. Remember, China has a very strict policy on the non-proliferation of the coronavirus.

These new measures may seem excessive because Macao recorded in its latest daily report only 71 new cases of COVID-19 and intercontinental China 358. Meanwhile, the hardest-hit countries are flirting with 100,000 cases per day. However, the strategy aims to stamp out the virus through lockdowns, border controls and mass testing.

In this sense, Andre Cheung, a senior city official, announced at a press conference on Saturday that residents will have to stay at home for at least a week. Violators risk imprisonment for up to two years.

In the past month, the city has already shut down most of its businesses, from bars to movie theaters. The authorities also made it clear that employers are not required to pay salaries to their workers during the COVID-related shutdown.

alarming height

On the international scene, cases of this rise 7e The wave is worrisome to say the least, especially in Europe and Asia, but also in Uncle Sam’s land.

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In the US, you have to go back to mid-February to see 167,000 new cases in one day. Compared to the beginning of June, this is an increase of 30,000 infections per day. In Europe, the numbers are also worrying. France (137,947), Italy (101,883), Germany (95,919) and Spain (83,613) saw a staggering rise in daily cases. For France, this represents 84,000 infections compared to the beginning of June.

Masked French Health Minister Francois Brown also arrived at the National Assembly this week, recalling that it is strongly recommended to wear a mask in crowded places.

Cases are on the rise in Quebec

In Quebec, the number of cases per day curve is progressing. Thursday, 1,755 infections were reported while a month ago the county could reach about 700 daily cases. Thus, the number of infected people increases every day to more than 1,000 people. The percentage of positive cases among the tests performed is also high, reaching 14.5%.

This rate compares to the statistics of the last wave. 1,534 people were hospitalized and 339 active outbreaks forced ds Luc Poelho, National Director of Public Health, and Christian Dube, Minister of Health, to hold a press conference last Thursday at 7e wave hit.

rise everywhere

The number of epidemic cases increases daily


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