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The return of the tiger mosquito with good days raises fears of dengue fever cases

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Occitanie Regional Health Agency launched its annual tiger mosquito population monitoring system in France in order to reduce its spread and associated health risks. In the region, 83% of the population is infected with this insect.

Spring is here, the sunny days are shy, but the tiger mosquito is already back. Smaller than a penny, black and white, “Aedes Albopictus” is now available every summer. And now all Occitanians are interested … beautiful but dangerous, loves heat and humidity.

Fight the spread of the tiger mosquito

To combat insect reproduction, the important thing above all is not to leave any standing water as this is where the females lay their larvae. So it is imperative not to allow the pot (bowl, bowl, garden furniture) to absorb water and to clean your lawn regularly.
The tiger mosquito only moves between 30 and 150 meters from its birthplace.

Avoid spreading the disease between humans

From May 1 to November 30, the Regional Health Agency is entering a period of monitoring tiger mosquito populations in Occitania. This surveillance includes, in particular, the study of cases of diseases transmitted to humans by the tiger mosquito. In fact, the insect is responsible for transmission Dengue fever, chikungunya and Zika On the side.
These viruses (vertebrate-borne diseases, here the tiger mosquito) cause high fever, joint pain, and extreme fatigue.

Occitanie was not extradited despite imprisonment

In Occitanie, in 2020, 128 cases of these viruses have been reported, It is imported by travelers from tropical countries. This is why the regional health agency is calling for vigil and asking travelers from high-risk countries to watch for these symptoms in the week after they return from their flight.
Each case must be reported to the health authorities to prevent infected people from being bitten by a “local” mosquito that will then spread the virus.

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Three original cases of dengue were reported last year In the region, that is, the cases in which the pollution occurred on our lands. In each case, the Reconstruction Army (ARS) cleared the building.

It was particularly influenced by Gard, Haute-Garonne, and Hérault

Gard, Haute-Garonne and Hérault independently performed 105 treatments against tiger mosquito outbreaks.

33% of the municipalities in Occitania are colonized by Aedes Albopictus, with municipalities alone accounting for 83% of the area’s population.
To find out if your municipality is colonized, you can go to Reports site.

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