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The right to abortion | Biden and Harris promise to defend “with all the tools”

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(Washington) US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris pledged Saturday to use every means at their disposal to defend the right to abortion, the future of which hinges on a court ruling.

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The constitutional law established in Roe v. They said in a statement on 49 that Wade “in 1973” is under attack as never before.e The memory of this historic ruling.

“It is a right that we believe should be enshrined in law, and we are committed to defending it with all the tools at our disposal,” they added.

Without using the term abortion in their statement, which did not fail to be noted by some pro-abortion activists, the president and vice president were alarmed by attempts to “restrict access to sexual and reproductive health care,” including in Texas, Mississippi, and other states.

The right to abortion in the United States – which is not guaranteed by federal law – is based on the Supreme Court’s “Roe v. Wade” decision. The Supreme Court decided that the constitution guaranteed a woman’s right to an abortion. In 1992, she asserted this right as long as the fetus was unable to survive, around 22 to 24 weeks of gestation.

But building on the force of the shift in balance in the Supreme Court, now controlled by conservative justices, several states such as Texas have launched the offensive, adopting restrictive laws, some of them against case law, in order to provide the Supreme Court with a chance to return to the subject.

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On Friday, thousands of Americans opposed to abortion gathered in Washington in an optimistic mood, convinced the Supreme Court would soon overturn the “Roe v. Wade” case.

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