The rise in COVID-19 cases in Laval is a public health concern

Regional Director of Public Health in Laval, DrNS Jean-Pierre Trepannier expects a busy fall. Cases of COVID-19 are constantly increasing in its territory, and this is even before the start of the school year and return to the staff office. Without wanting to comment on the lifting of the obligation to wear a mask in class, the doctor stresses that sanitary measures must be adapted to regional epidemiological situations.

Laval region recorded 187 new cases of COVID-19 in 1 weekHe is August. And it’s on track to surpass that weekly number, according to DrNS Tribanier: 166 new infections have been counted since August 8.

“When we look at this, over the past week, [celle du 1er août], we have three times higher number of reported cases than we had last year in the same period, notes the Director of Public Health. Getting a raise like that already before the big comeback is, in some ways, really troubling. “

Furthermore, he adds, children under the age of 12 cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19, as no vaccine has been approved for this age group.

according to dNS Trepanier, it will be necessary to put in place “special measures to manage the outbreak” in primary schools. With the directions of the Ministry of Education that were presented [mercredi], we are still declaring a new school year with minimal measures if we compare it with those that were put forward for the start of the 2020 school year,” he believes.

Minister Jean Francois Roberge On Wednesday, it was announced the end of the compulsory mask in the classroom. Nor will the concept of “separation bubbles” ever come back.

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This plan is “very similar to what was announced at the beginning of summer or at the end of spring,” notes Laval’s regional director of public health. However, the epidemiological situation has changed. […] I think we have to take note of what is happening and act accordingly. “

considered dNS Trepanier stresses that the epidemiological situation varies easily from one region to another. “On the Laval side, we start at a fairly high rate, and unlike what we’ve seen in other areas during previous waves, when it goes up, it doesn’t go down quickly,” he points out.

trench warfare

The doctor says he is waging “trench warfare” to try to persuade residents to get vaccinated. Public Health contacted about 7,600 teens in July who had not yet received their first dose. “We still managed to reach 60% after two calls,” said the regional director of public health, who said he was satisfied with the results of the operation. Intervening brigades are also roaming the city to encourage unvaccinated citizens to go to the temporary clinics set up in their area.

Advertising Next application for the vaccine passport He also encourages Laval residents to do the same, notes DrNS Tribanier: Half of the people who come to vaccination clinics do so now to get the first dose.

About 83% of Laval residents age 12 and older received their first dose of the vaccine, according to the regional public health department. Just over 70% of this population is adequately vaccinated, which means they have received two doses or received one dose after contracting COVID-19.

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Dr. says.NS Tribanier. Of course, these folks are a rally big enough for the fourth wave to have a good grip. “

To prepare for the management of the sudden increase in cases, the regional directorate of public health is also working on replenishing the examination and epidemiological investigation teams.

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