The Rocket in the Semi-Final: Goalkeepers Duel

The lineups look quite alike, and specifically, the opponents put on a similar play on Saturday night in Massachusetts. Extensive foreclosure screening, turnovers at the blue line, a few exaggerations and plenty of scoring opportunities.

All this before the visit as well. the big one. I am not obligated, but the upper echelons of the employees involved: Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton and their entourage on the one hand, and Doug Armstrong, General Manager of St. Louis Blues, on the other.

A rather colorful spectacle in a private ceremonial arena that ended, it would be good to define, with the Thunderbirds winning the 2-1 overtime grab.

The acrobatics of goalkeepers Kayden Primo and Joel Hoover kept the score low and tight throughout the match. The two youngsters, 22 and 21 respectively, have been shining brightly since the start of the playoffs.

After the hiccup season, Lisa’s son (why Keith is all pedigree glory to himself) found his net at Laval even though he gave it up in the first game of the playoffs. Since then, Primeau has gone 6-2-0 with a 1.90 GAA and 0.938 savings ratio.

The goalkeeper, seen on the ice on Saturday, looked light years away from the somewhat lost boy, almost stunned who has been sinking with the tricolor dinghy at high speed this winter.

It is calm, does not make us nervous. We know he’ll save the key. In front of him we try to give him throws that are as easy to stop as possible. It is very convenient to play with himBrandon Gignac said after the meeting.

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It seemed so, in fact.

Halfway through the second half, Primo pointed himself in front of MacKenzie McKiechern, particularly stubborn about his net. The striker had all the time in the world to shoot three times, but to no avail. Fire the shield just in time against Klim Kostin in the power-up that followed.

And at the end of the third half, shortly after allowing an unlucky goal to tie the match by 2:56, he saved two attacks from zero in the tuck without bothering anyone’s shot. Shows self-confidence.

Given how far we’ve come in such a short time, there are encouraging signs.

Raphael Harvey Benard added that he is a professional. We saw him work every day. Yes, he was as frustrated as any other player in one season, but now he’s playing really big hockey for us. He’s present in every game and he’s really, really important.

You grow up and this is where you learn things. persist. It is not easy to go up and down with all that has happened. Shows a lot of maturity […] It’s a good sign. »

Quote from Jean-Francois Holly in Cayden Primo

Primo had fired 37 rounds in total. A great performance, however, overshadowed his rival.

Hoover, the Blues’ future goalkeeper, who was also drafted late (round 4 in 2018 vs. Round 7 in 2017 for Premio), was irreplaceable. Well almost. Only Danic Martel solved the mystery proposed by Manitoban, scoring his seventh goal in nine qualifying matches.

Hoover is an athlete with a height of 1.96 m (6 feet 5 inches) and 81 kg (179 lbs), he has a petite side to show off. For the record, the goalkeeper scored a goal in his first professional game of the year, a feat that Tristan Garry last achieved in 2019. He is also an excellent puck and has beaten a rocket penalty on a few occasions with long passes in the recovery.

Joel Hoover in the playoffs:

  • Record: 5-0-0
  • Average: 1.36
  • Efficiency: 965

Even the rocket trainer noticed it.

We will have to pay attention to the changes with his long passes. It also needs to increase the traffic in front of it. We had a good chance, but we could be more daring to withhold his opinion. [dimanche]drop[هول].

Primeau vs.

The chiefs were watching all of this intently at the heights of the runway.

Many of

Former members of CH have come to bite the hand that once fed them. Starting with Will Peyton. Without scoring for the mark, the little winger made a fighting spree with his fighting abilities and a few good chances to score during the four shots he fired at Primo.

After a rather quiet evening, it was Matthew Becca who settled the debate in overtime. Already 10 points in 7 playoffs.

The missile would have managed to keep Springfield’s strong numerical advantage at bay. With another guy, Thunderbirds were running at 38% efficiency before entering the game. They have been acquitted three times on many occasions.

Jean-Francois Houle, in general, was satisfied with the performance of his club.

I thought it was a good match. We played well defensively and did everything we could do. Until the equaliser, we did what was necessary. The puck disc hit the pillow and swerved. We had many chances in extra time, and they came back to the other side and scored. I loved how our guys are doing tonight. It could have gone either way. You know her.

If we don’t know him, we know him.

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