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The role of training | Washington accepts the withdrawal of its combat forces that are still in Iraq

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(Washington) Washington reached an agreement with Baghdad, during talks on Wednesday, on the withdrawal of the last American combat forces in Iraq, deployed to fight ISIS extremists.

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The two countries emphasized, “The mission of the United States and the coalition forces has now evolved into a (mission) of training and advice, allowing for the redeployment of any remaining combat force in Iraq, and the next timetable. To be determined during future technical discussions.” They said in a joint statement at the end of the strategic discussion. Virtualization.

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The United States and Iraq have agreed to devote the US mission from now on to training and advice only.

This decision comes at a time when the American forces in Iraq are exposed to almost daily launches of missiles attributed to Shiite paramilitary groups linked to Tehran.

But Joe Biden, for once, in agreement with his predecessor Donald Trump, seeks to disengage from Iraqi and Afghan lands.

Donald Trump had ordered the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and Afghanistan in the final months of his term, with the number of troops in the two countries dropping to 2,500 on January 15.

Former President Barack Obama, who was Vice President Joe Biden, implemented a full withdrawal from Iraq but brought the forces back there in the face of the brutal offensive of the Islamic State (ISIS).

“The shift of US and international forces from combat operations to training, equipping, and assisting the Internal Security Forces (Iraqi Security Forces) reflects the success of their strategic partnership and ensures support for the ISF’s ongoing efforts to ensure that ISIS is not able to threaten stability again,” the joint statement said.

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Iraq also pledged to protect the military bases in which US-led forces will be present, and which Washington has specified will remain on Iraqi soil “only to support Iraq’s efforts in its fight against” EI “.

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