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The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the MEC Exploration Film Scholarship Program have launched

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Two famous Canadian organizations collaborate to fund the next generation of short films and exploratory documentary projects

Ottawa, ONJan. 10, 2022 / CNW/ – Royal Geographical Society of Canada (SGRC) has supported exploration since its inception over 90 years ago. In 2021, CanadianGeographicFilms, a subsidiary production company, presented its first feature-length documentary, returning home And directed by Siopmak director Schönsteller. This year, she continues her journey of exploration into the world of cinematography. With the generous support of Mountain Equipment Corporation (MEC), RCGS is pleased to announce the launch of a new Exploration Film Grant Program.

Representing the company’s first creative grant in recent history, the Exploration Film Grant Program aims to support visionary filmmakers in Canada who aspire to inform and inspire people, perpetuate and narrate a personal journey that bears witness to their connection to the great landscape Canada. As part of this grant program, we will provide a launching pad for new filmmakers who are rethinking the way we tell stories about the world. Canada and the world, says John Geiger, CEO of the Royal Geographical Society at Canada Canadian geographic companies.

The program includes two types of grants: the Exploration Advantage and the Exploratory Short Film. In the Feature Film Exploration category, the scholarship will fund the creation of a documentary film during an expedition. Instead, the Exploratory Short Film category will support the post-production process of short films whose post-production began in the second half of 2021. The scholarship program accepts applications from independent filmmakers, production companies or groups.

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MEC and the Royal Geographical Society in Canada (SGRC) shares a long-term commitment to exploration in Canada. We are thrilled to participate in this program that honors the Canadian community of outdoor explorers and filmmakers by providing them with a space to share their tales of adventure and exploration, he explains. Caitlin BrownMEC Community Manager. The Exploration Film Grants Program is an example of how we, with RCGS, can help highlight important issues through the eye of a camera.

through prima magazine Canadian Geographic and renowned scholarship programmes, RCGS celebrates the diverse history and narratives of the peoples, landscapes, and cultures of Canada. This collaboration between RCGS and MEC will encourage the next generation of explorers to tell their experiences in the field: stories of adventure and scientific discovery, diversity and inclusion, and truth and reconciliation.

The scholarship application period has begun and will continue until February 25, 2022 5:00 PM (Eastern Time). For more information visit

About MEC

MEC is Canada’s favorite retailer for reliable gear, expert advice, and inspiration for outdoor adventures. By offering high-quality clothing and equipment combined with field-developed expertise, the company supports a wide range of activities, including camping, winter sports, water sports, cycling, climbing, hiking, running and travel. Founded in 1971, MEC also supports community initiatives and has donated $45 million to date to nonprofit organizations that support outdoor activities and nature conservation.

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About the Royal Geographic Society Canada

magazine editor Canadian GeographicSGRC’s mission is to increase awareness and appreciation Canada Its inhabitants, places, natural and cultural heritage, and its environmental, social and economic potential. The association, which has more than 25,000 members across the country, is one of the largest educational non-profit organizations in Canada. It is funded primarily through membership fees and donations. Advice The company’s governors and program committees are made up entirely of volunteers.

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Source: Royal Geographical Society B Canada

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