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Influencer party by plane: the organizer will never apologize

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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The organizer of a trip to Mexico gathering influencers refused to apologize for the party that boarded a Sunwing plane, even claiming there was nothing illegal.

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“I support everyone on board because we did nothing wrong. I will never apologize,” James William Awad said in a live video posted to Instagram on Sunday night.

According to him, the captain of the plane, which could have landed urgently, did not at any time intervene to ask the passengers to stop the party.

We have proof [vidéo]The flight attendants who take [shooters] With us “.

Tabqa added on Twitter Monday: “I demand an apology […]. Immediately,” he wrote in particular, outlining Transport Canada.

We recall that Newspaper Footage from the infamous December 30th flight revealed that escalated. Among other things, we see a passenger smoking an e-cigarette, bottles of alcohol and people dancing without face coverings, which is prohibited in the air.

Then the airlines announced that they would prevent the troubled group from boarding the country to return to the country.

He wants to make a movie out of it

Mr. William Awad also noted that he was somewhere in the US to “find a plane for everyone”. ”

He refuses to reveal the date of his return to avoid reporters.

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Despite this, the organizer insists on saying that there is nothing criminal or illegal about this flying party. He even jokes about the situation and wants to make a movie about the trip so “people see the truth.”

“People who say we do not understand the seriousness of the situation, I will tell you seriously alive, you are stupid. Mr. William Awad insisted that there is no attraction and the media is exaggerating.

We laugh at Trudeau

At one point, a friend joined in on the live video and mocked Justin Trudeau, who called the party group “ostrogoths.”

“It’s a word that only drama teachers know,” he said. […] The Prime Minister is influential and jumps on topics [de l’heure]. »

James William Awad has gone so far as to brag about his upcoming special event, a trip that is set to take place in Greece in the coming months.

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