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The Russians claimed that we repelled a drone attack on Sevastopol. They lose at Bashmut

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Ukrainian soldiers on the Bakhmut front shelled the positions of the Russian occupiers with self-propelled howitzers. (March 5, 2023)
| picture: AP

The attack took place in the Kiev region, which, according to the latest reports, killed four people, at around 3 am in the city of Rzeschev. According to the rescue service, the drones hit two floors of two dormitories as well as an educational building. Initially, the Ukrainian authorities reported three deaths in Rzhishchev.

The capital’s administration said on social media that, on the other hand, Ukrainian forces managed to destroy all eight UAVs that were heading directly to Kiev. Information about this air attack came shortly after the departure of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida from the capital.

According to the Russian administration, the city of Sevastopol in Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014 in violation of international law, was attacked by drones. According to Governor Mikhail Razvogayev, the Russian Navy repulsed the attack, but three “objects” were destroyed, which the Governor did not specify further.

According to Razovuzhev, the attack did not result in casualties or casualties and did not damage the Russian ships. Kiev has not claimed responsibility for the attack on the peninsula. According to the media, in connection with the attack on Sevastopol, civilian traffic was disrupted in the port.

The city is the main base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Crimea on Saturday to commemorate the 2014 annexation.

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On Monday, explosions rocked the Dzhankoy railway junction in Crimea. According to Ukrainian intelligence, the Kalibr missiles were destroyed there, and they were transported by rail, apparently only to ships of the Black Sea Fleet.

British intelligence said on Wednesday in its regular assessment of the situation on the Ukrainian battlefield that Russian forces appear to be losing ground in Ukraine’s Bakhmut, which they have been trying to seize since last June.

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