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Nezvislost na Britnii? Skotskm nationalistm se rozpad pln i strana

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Fiasco, terrible bugs, unsatisfactory. The leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) has long been a people’s favorite for criticizing the ruling Conservative Party and the opposition Labor Party.

This time, listen to their private numbers and addresses. SNP Chief Executive Michael Russell said: I think it is right that there is a huge mess in the party and it is necessary to investigate it.

The two parties, which have a strong longstanding mandate in the Scottish Parliament, have found themselves in deep crisis in recent days. After the head of the Scottish National Party and the Scottish Prime Minister, Sturgeon, announce in Central Norway that she will step down after appointing her new successor, the still impregnable Scottish fortress is about to collapse.

In just 24 hours, two more key representatives of the party resigned. On Friday, the SNP’s head of media, Murray Foote, resigned after he shared false information about the SNP’s campaign with the media. He justified his resignation with harsh words to his ranks: “My colleagues in the party center sent me to lie,” he told the media.

On Saturday, it was followed by the resignation of influential and unofficial co-chairman and Sturgeon leader Peter Murrell: it became clear that he was the first to step aside Foot’s misinformation regarding the primary SNP.

With regard to Morrell, who for the last 20 years had shared not only the house with the sturgeon, but also the party, a police investigation into possible misuse of party funds in the amount of £600,000 (16 million kroner) was launched under the direction of Morrell. . His place in the side was temporarily replaced by Russell.

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The party lost its money, funds and courts

Why exactly wrong data about race along party lines led to such an earthquake? Simplified, it can be read that the root of the deep problem is the rapidly collapsing door to the party’s transparency. Already in the past weeks, suspicions have been growing that the SNP is picking up on its race or that it is using lies from a time of greater praise and support.

The Sunday Mail first reported that 30,000 people had recently left the party. The Mail on Sunday Sweat added that its sources speak of only 78,000 sweat.

The SNP leadership originally spoke of 104 and 125 thousand, but at the end of the week they were forced to admit their real weakness: the party is currently supported by just over 72 thousand people, which is significantly less than in previous years. First, these infractions led to hasty resignations.

Trouble for the candidates and gave the election

This day’s wall also falls on the major candidates who want sturgeon approval. These are Kate Vorbsov, Ash Rejanov and Hamza Yusuf, who are relatively unknown in the game. Voting for the party leader began on March 13 and ends on March 27, when a new party leader is elected.

However, the decline in income is of much greater significance and practical consequence: in recent years, 55 per cent of the SNP’s income has come from the income of the Lent Party, the remainder from fundraising campaigns and government subsidies. Big gift party only available early. Even a dog in prime debt owed five million pounds.

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This will have expected results in the next parliamentary elections five years from now, in which the elite will still be the strong Labor party. They are now in government with the help of the re-vote votes the SNP grabbed in the last election.

What about Scottish independence?

Meanwhile, they are too full to avoid a new referendum and Scotland’s subsequent independence from Britain, as the SNP had long envisioned. And under the current circumstances, it is also known that it is not certain if it will happen in the near future.

The party collapsed like a house of cards, left it and gave it two influential sloths: Scottish Deputy Prime Minister John Sweeney and Sturgeon’s close adviser Liz Lloyd. Therefore, tens of thousands would leave in protest, because of the destruction of the door or because of competing sides on Alex Salmond’s album.

For more than two decades, the party has been run for the first time by the strong hand of femme fatale and party duo Sturgeon Murrell. As for now, it has become an open struggle for succession in search of a new vision and a new active party.

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