Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Russians intervened against a Ukrainian drone, which fell in the city and exploded

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The drone landed on Sunday at 15:19 local time (14:20 CEST). “The explosion in the city of Kirievsk, Tula region, was caused by a Ukrainian Tu-141 Strizh drone. It was loaded with explosives,” the security authorities told TASS.

At the point of impact, a large crater 15 meters in diameter and five meters deep was created. Several homes and apartments were damaged and three people were injured – according to local authorities, a 16-year-old girl and two men aged 20 and 36.

From the ministry statement Floatthat the drone landed in the city after the intervention of the Russian radio electronic warfare system, which was installed at the same time as the drone was in Kirievsk.

“The air defense units deployed in the Tula region with the S-300 and Pancir S-1 anti-aircraft guided missile systems along with the Pole-21 electronic warfare systems provided sufficient protection in this direction,” the ministry said.

It also described in detail how the drone would be destroyed: “The Pole-21 electronic warfare system encountered an attack by a Ukrainian drone, disabling its navigation system.”

A crater in Kirievsk caused by the explosion of explosives in a drone.

Several Tu-141 drones loaded with explosives have already fallen over Russia. Some of them also hit the Russian bases of strategic bombers Engels and Saratov.

The Ukrainians have not claimed responsibility for any of these attacks, but they have been given credit for them.

The Russians claim that a Ukrainian drone packed with explosives exploded in Kyrevsk


The drone fell near Moscow, not far from the Gazprom facility


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