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Russian soldiers have no shoes, the generals’ families live in luxurious apartments

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High-ranking Russian military officials generally show a similar trend – revealing giving their children homes at lucrative addresses. Insider. The daughter of Nikolai Pankov, Deputy Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, received a four-room apartment from the state in the residential complex “House of the Presidential Directorate of Property Management” for 70 million rubles (17 million crowns). Her father is officially responsible for fighting corruption.

Another deputy from Shoigu, Ruslan Calikov, put his children’s property in order in the amount of 1 billion rubles. Director of the Main Military and Political Directorate of the Armed Forces, Viktor Goremykin, received from the States an apartment 141 meters long, estimated at about 50 million rubles. His son, who works for the FSB intelligence service, is listed in the register of owners as the owner of an apartment in the Coliseum residential complex in Moscow worth more than 30 million rubles.

A number of Russian generals live in a luxury apartment complex in Moscow Smolenskaya Zastava. Deputy Defense Minister Pavel Popov has an apartment there worth 70 million rubles, which he received from the Russian state. The Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces, Oleg Salyukov, also received an apartment of the same value from the state.

Shops and cars are expensive

Generals also use their positions to benefit from military contracts. Deputy Minister of Defense and head of the Kalashnikov concern Alexei Krivoruchko bought weapons for the army from himself. The aforementioned son of Salyukov also received orders from the resort.

In addition to apartments, some high-ranking military officials use luxury cars. Rustam Muradov, head of the Eastern Military District, drives a BMW X7 that Insider says is worth more than his annual salary.

The head of the office of the Minister of Defense Yuri Sadovenko loves to drive a Porsche that officially belongs to his son-in-law, real estate businessman Denis Kitaev. Sadovenko’s wife, Maria, is an advisor in the Ministry of Defense, with the rank of major general. According to the cadastre, the former presenter owns several real estate properties worth hundreds of millions of rubles. Her brother is in the same situation, and his daughter also has a valuable apartment.

The Kitaev family benefits greatly from its association with the military sector. He specializes in converting derelict buildings, formerly owned by the Ministry of Defense and selling at undervalued prices, into luxury residences at attractive addresses. For example, on the site of the former military cartographic experimental plant of the Ministry of Defense near the Kitayev Kremlin prove Upscale residential complex Cloud Nine.

The total value of the apartments discovered by The Insider owned by the Shoigu consultant family is 1.43 billion rubles. The portal adds that this is about 119 times more than the value of compensation for fallen soldiers among Russian families. Russia promised them 12 million rubles (4.6 million crowns).

The comfortable life of Russian generals is in stark contrast to that of ordinary Russian soldiers. Personnel of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine state that they have to purchase military equipment, including clothing and footwear, with their own money. And although recruiters lured them with the prospect of receiving large sums, according to many, the reality is different.

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In 53 out of 85 regions of Russia, soldiers did not receive their promised salaries or received them late. They also complain that they received much less money in their bank accounts instead of 195,000 rubles per month (about CZK 55,000).

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