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The star is the one who makes reality TV

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No. When he was offered hosting Celebrity big brotherMary May refused. “My first reaction was to get a verdict.” Oh! Would be like Loft story ? I don’t want work Rubbish, destroy, demolish. “”

But the production, Entourage Television, assured her that it wasn’t about flirting at the spa. Instead, it “transcends self, strategy, competition.” Well in this case.

Car Older brotherThis is big. Launched in 1999, the Dutch franchise has seen copies in more than 80 countries, with 470 seasons and nearly 30,000 episodes.

The concept is in the title: People are being watched everywhere, all the time. In the Quebec version, the first fifteen candidates from the public domain would find themselves confined to L’قصرle-Bizard. They will be photographed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, everywhere, all the time.

They will have to create alliances and participate in games. Every week, one of them will be eliminated. Not by the audience. By his companions. And unlike The occupation is double And to the waltz of the elders, no one else will enter Adventure (To use a term popular with reality TV fans).

“It’s an entertainment bank with no limits! Notes Mary May.

Without a slide background too? In the United States, the franchise was sadly filled with racist, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, and misogynistic remarks. The 2013 season, the fifteenth, featured a Texas co-star, following insulting comments. Last year, 21e The season saw Jack Matthews reach the same level. Did Mary May prepare for this possibility, to be forced to manage this kind of situation?

“One of my strengths in life is that I have enough of an answer. Maybe before, it would have squeezed me a little, but I’m less afraid of getting wet. If I hear something meaningless, I won’t be afraid to approach it. I think I’ll be a good mediator.”

A good friend too? Because it will be the only contact these people will have with the outside world. “It’s not a role that I take lightly. I want to help them. I want to give them confidence.”

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Confidence. at Older brotherThe latter collapses due to broken alliances, tricks that are brewing. Several characters told us: I am transparent! I am honest! Me, I want to play fair! “I still feel a lot of good intentions.” But we know what is lined up with good intentions… “Because we have come Turns out In fact, this character that we’re trying to keep for as long as possible, overtakes her after a week. “

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Since his wonderful post on star Academy At the age of 18, Mary-May went through a series of experiments. She was coach in the first season of VoiceThen, in two seasons Junior voice, Then again on the English-speaking side with release, CTV.

“What I find cool With Older brotherIt is different. Because there I did, Turns out Where I talk about music and theater. I know I’m good at that. I wanted a challenge. I like getting out of my comfort zone. “

In her cozy home, she invited viewers last fall to Canal Vie. In a more intimate environment. It doesn’t have to be comfortable. Because In Mary May Her home renovations have followed, of course, but above all her way of living her relationship, in two separate homes, her partner at home, is at her side. “When she needed time, she needed space, but she definitely didn’t have” a “need to make a file,” she says Turns out To show off his renovations. ”On the other hand, I wanted to share my husband’s journey, perhaps, to inspire people to break out of this mold that says a family is a house, two cars, and the little white fence. “

By the way, that’s what you love about reality TV. “Offer different frameworks and ways of thinking. Whether the conversations are hot or uncomfortable, I always find something to learn.”

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It’s also the learning that Jean-Philippe Dion will introduce in this small-screen “mastodon” star Academy. He said the executive producer, who is sharing the mission with Benoit Clermont, might be tempted to remove the word “star” before the word “academy.” And instead of talking about reality TV, which he admits is “not really a fan,” he talks about a documentary. “Previously, people could go to the web and access what the cameras are reporting at any time, 24 hours a day at the academy, says the person who did his lessons on the show, particularly as an assistant director. It’s no longer there. Once filming is over, no.” There is more recording. Candidates can sleep easily. “

However, some moments of intimacy will be displayed. Think about breakfast, for example. “This is what we call in the terms“ slides of life. ”It allows the viewer to see that even if these guys find themselves on the weekends on a huge stage with high-profile stars, they still eat three meals a day and brush their teeth like everyone else.”

The series that starred from 2003 to 2012, led by Julie Snyder’s Productions J, is reborn under TVA’s Breaking production, after negotiations as we know it.

Franchise return, rights owned by Endemol Shine (such as Older brotherWill it be a sign of nostalgia? ” star Academy It is part of our DNA, as Jean-Philippe Dion believes. It’s a foreign format that’s well adapted to look like Quebeckers. This allowed us to convince Xavier Dolan to participate as a teacher. Xavier accepts it because it is an offer he saw when he was young and brings back fond memories. He wanted to try this short trip, he is too. “

and what short trip. “We mustn’t forget that these young artists have to put on a varied show for two hours and a quarter of an hour every week. What we’re asking of them is totally crazy. They have to be good, efficient, persistent and hardworking. All words are possible.”

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Mary May knows it: “It’s a signature star AcademyFrom here I am from! I have great respect for this Turns out. to me Older brotherThere is a level of difficulty and stress a lot different from what you want when you want to be an artist and your challenge is singing on Sunday. “

Indeed, in Older brotherYou don’t have to sing, but rather to sing. Because the candidates are fighting among themselves for the title of prime minister – the head of the house, not the prime minister – which gives the right to an en suite suite, among other privileges.

But is it really a privilege to participate in such an institution? Isn’t it rather an unbelievable risk for its image? (Think for Charles OffThe occupation is double.) “I wondered if I would agree to do Turns out Like that, Mary May admits. Hey there are a lot of issues! For those with children and families this is a big decision. “

An illustration of what an offshore can also mean: In March, two candidates Big Brother Canada Season 8 finally teaches that the entire planet has plunged into a plague. But not before they wondered for long why the hell hadn’t heard the audience’s reactions while they were traditional Neighborhood From the weekend. “Perhaps the house has become soundproofed?” Someone suggested. No, another replied. “I think we’re miniature dolls. We live in an environment.”

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