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“The Storm” by Pierre-Luc Dubois

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We knew that Pierre-Luc Dubois wanted to leave the Columbus Blue Jackets. We now know how passionate he was.

Frederick DuchesnoFrederick Duchesno

Via video Monday afternoon, his father Eric Dubois, Manitoba Moss’s assistant coach, said his son hadn’t skimped on a mobile phone in the days and hours leading up to his trade with the Winnipeg Jets.

“He was calling me nearly every hour, wondering where he would end up and if I had heard anything in Winnipeg. He woke me up twice in the night and the third time he called it turned off the ring. At some point, I had to sleep!”

Coach With the Gates School team, Eric Dubois assured that he would not interfere in any way between the senior club’s coaches and his son. He will be like “Father First”.

He said, “But if he needs to talk, I’ll be there for him.”

Specifically, the father was proud of the way his son handled this uncomfortable situation.

“ For a 22-year-old, it should be dealer With what happened this year, separating feelings from the job we have to do every day, that is, production and performance, this is not an easy thing. I think he will get out of this experience grown up. ”

However, it was time for it to end.

“When he got to Winnipeg on Saturday night, he told us he was tired. He was getting heavier, which he had to succumb to. It was a storm, but he passed it.”

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Pierre-Luc Dubois moved from Columbus to Winnipeg on Saturday morning. The Blue Jackets sent him to the capital of Manitoba, with a third round chosen in 2022, against attackers Patrick Lane and Jack Ruslovich.

In 239 games in Ohio, the Quebec Center – its third choice of 2016 – scored 66 goals and collected 93 assists in exchange for 159 points.


Things were not going well for Dubois in Columbus for some time. His relationship with hot John Tortorella is mentioned. But both DG Jarmo Kekalainen and the player have confirmed in recent days that it was not his reason to want to leave the team that shaped him. Not the only one, at least.

“There are many things that have happened over the past two or three years,” he had said in a video conference Sunday morning, without specifying the aforementioned things.

In an interview with 91.9 Sports Monday morning, his dad was more talkative.

His relationship with “Torts” might not be all that drove Dubois out of Columbus, but it certainly is part of the equation.

“It would be nice for him to play with Paul Morris. He is an outstanding interlocutor who will make a difference,” Eric Dubois commented.


“At the end of the day, the coaches are all about getting the best out of the players [qu’on les met au défi]. But when it is frequent, it gets heavy. ”

Clear. But there was more, no doubt, as Pierre Locke’s father suggests.

“He did everything he could to feel good in Columbus, but we forget that hockey players are not machines, they are human. It’s not just a torturila story, it’s a whole story. Do I want to stay here for six or eight years if I’m not?” Happy, if I don’t feel like I am? ”Narrated by.

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Eric Dubois also said that his son would have liked to join Al-Kindi. In the end, he is happy to be back in Canada. Parents must also reconnect with their son.

He said during a video conference: “The last time he stayed at home, he must have been 14 or 15 years old.” We haven’t been close to it for very long. ”

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