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The Supreme Court closes an open legal front against Trump

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Washington | On Monday, the US Supreme Court ordered legal proceedings against Donald Trump to be closed in the name of a provision in the constitution prohibiting the president from accepting foreign income.

The Supreme Court ruled the two files, which relate specifically to Donald Trump’s hotel in Washington, are “outdated”, referring to his departure from the White House.

Shortly after the Republican billionaire was elected in 2016, lawsuits were filed in Washington and New York under the Constitution’s “bonus clause”, which forbids anyone in public office from accepting a bonus from the Constitution. Foreign origin, without congressional approval.

Prosecutors believed that foreign delegations preferred the Trump International Hotel near the White House in the hope of winning the President’s endorsement, in violation of this rule.

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The President responded, with the support of the Minister of Justice, that this provision was intended to prevent public officials from taking bribes and not doing business.

Courts have made conflicting rulings, and the Supreme Court will ultimately not be the last word on this legal matter.

This conclusion sheds some light on the judicial horizon of Donald Trump, who remains very busy. After he was accused of encouraging his supporters to launch an attack on the Capitol on January 6, he was due to be tried before the Senate in February for “inciting rebellion.”

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Federal justice is also investigating payments to two alleged former Donald Trump mistresses for her silence in 2016, which could violate campaign finance laws.

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