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“I don’t really feel like Kent Hughes is a junior general manager.”

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After half a season as the Canadian general manager, Kent Hughes already has several good shots to his credit. Although he had no experience as a general manager, all his other qualifications helped him gain a solid reputation upon his arrival in the NHL.

While at BPM Sports (formerly 91.9 Sports), TVA Sports’ Anthony Martineau last Friday discussed Hughes’ first steps as CEO with CLaude Guillet. The discussion mainly revolved around the fact that the CEO of CH did not take time to break out of his “newbie” status.


“I don’t really feel like Kent Hughes is a junior general manager. And I think that’s his great strength. He arrived in Montreal with knowledge of the past he already had and is in the process of forging a character and, above all, a reputation within the general manager fraternity. Like what, it wouldn’t be easy Negotiate with him, because he already knows everything. – Anthony Martino BPM Sports Airwaves (91.9 Sports)

An NHL player’s agent since 1998, Kent Hughes has had his fair share of league experience. Fan fatigue was linked to the fact that he had no direct experience in his new position. The good news is that he has actually gained this experience by watching general managers go for nearly 24 years. Not forgetting that working with Jeff Gorton helps a lot, he’s the one who already had experience as a General Manager before coming to work with CH.

Montreal’s mistake for several years has been to try to stay competitive every season. If Hughes was a really “junior” general manager, he likely succumbed to the pressure and continued down the same path. Fortunately, he saw the need for change and raised it in Montreal. The Canadian probably won’t find himself in the playoffs this year, but he’s part of the rebuilding, which Hughes has already begun.

“You can’t make it fast at Kent Hughes. […] He’s resolved several very complex files this summer, and then seeing him do it, in his first year as general manager, gives me a lot of confidence in the future. – Anthony Martino BPM Sports Airwaves (91.9 Sports)

The many deals on the trade deadline were essential. Many of the new GMs may have been afraid of hurting fans by sending audience favorites elsewhere like Tyler Toffoli and Arturi Leconn, but Hughes had a vision and he followed suit. Either way, with all the new faces and recruits full of talent, the Pill became a lot easier than expected.

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For Anthony Martineau, it’s not just the arrival of Kent Hughes that brings a breath of fresh air to the Habs, but also all the other new faces, both in management and as players. New employees = new mindset. And this mentality seems to be appreciated by Montreal fans.

Whether it’s Vincent Lecavalier, Juraj Slavkowski, or Marie Philippe Boleyn, each new addition brings the wind back into the sails of the Organization of Canadians, which took a heavy blow at the start of last year.

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