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The three face the Star Académie semifinals: a shocking decision

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We learned this Tuesday that the remaining three will compete head-to-head in the first semi-finals of Star Académie and that the girls will do the same the following week.

Unsurprisingly, this decision was not unanimous among viewers. While some people find that this is indeed the best solution, many are outraged by this choice of teachers. You should know that, at the start of the season, a star Academy I decided not to separate guys from girls in ratings and risk exposure anymore. So this flashback is surprisingly amazing. We agree that if Cheyenne had been chosen by the teachers last week instead of Luno, this process would have been impossible …

Viewers are also upset because two of the audience’s favorite academics, Guillaume and Jacob, will be facing each other this weekend. We must say that William, Who won the popular vote last weekNot too far in the general favorites list, either. We can imagine the voices will be many and varied this Sunday.

Regardless of the list of nominees in the semi-finals, the crowd was not completely satisfied, but we have to admit that the idea of ​​pitting boys against girls leaves us a little confused. On social networks, some go there with various proposals, either by random independent or by separating candidates willing to suggest an original song to those who would rather take a piece from another artist’s repertoire. We can imagine that the production evaluated all these possibilities before coming to the conclusion that it would have been better to divide the group into two parts: men and girls …

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We can’t wait to see who wins, but we lean more towards Guillaume due to its popularity.

At the beginning of the season, The public believed that this candidate would win a Star Academy. Was he a clairvoyant?

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