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The Toronto media is a bit harsh on the Leaves

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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As expected, the Toronto press weren’t kind to the Maple Leaves after they were knocked out by the Montreal Canadiens on Monday night.

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The cover of the “Toronto Sun” Daily was clear the next day. With the English title “Running Choke,” he recalls the team’s playoff failures in recent years, explaining some of them that followed previous Leafs qualifiers, all accompanied by a picture of Austin Matthews and Mitch Marner somewhat upset. Both men have already come under widespread criticism for their performances against the Habs, with the latter unable to score in seven post-season matches this year.

Be it the newspaper or the “Toronto Star,” which spoke of the disaster, they all specify that Leaves have not won the Stanley Cup since 1967. The 54-year famine is also equal to the New York Rangers famine, which was an exclusive record for the National Hockey League. The Blues were victorious in 1940 before waiting until 1994 to celebrate again.

In Toronto, many also mentioned the blue and white players being unable to complete their series. According to Sportsnet, Toronto’s eight straight losses when they have a chance to win a series are the second-worst series in Bettman Tour history. The Arizona Coyotes franchise (formerly known as Winnipeg Jets) dropped 13 consecutive games in such circumstances between 1990 and 2012.

Distant memories

The last time the Leafs earned the honor for the series was in the spring of 2004. At that time, they defeated the Ottawa Senator in seven matches in the first round, before losing to the Philadelphia Flyers. In the semifinals of the Eastern Conference.

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Sportsnet He went back in time to say the least humorous on his website to show how this success in Toronto goes back many years. In 2004, the match against “Senses” was not broadcast in high definition and Facebook had seen the light of day two months earlier. YouTube was created a year before this series, while the most popular song at the moment is “Yeah” by Usher (with Lil. Jon & Ludacris).

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